Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

I hate April Fool's Day because it's an excuse for people like Chetan Bhagat to troll us all by doing things like tweeting that he's entering Bollywood.

So, take anything scandalous or ridiculous with a pinch of salt unless it's confirmed tomorrow. We all remember the infamous KARAN JOHAR IS GETTING MARRIED... TO A LADY! incident of last year, right?

Okay, so that out of the way - I saw 3 last night and I loved it. My review will be up later today. I'm glad I went in knowing nothing about a) the plot and b) the lukewarm reception it received. 3 isn't a crowd-pleasing masala film and it's not a sappy NRI romance. More than anything, the film reminds me a lot of my favorite kind of magical-realism films from filmmakers like Yograj Bhat. Go into 3 expecting a smart, subtle, and grown-up film that will tear your heart out, you won't be disappointed.

NOW! Today's gossip!

* Agent Vinod limps into its second weekend.

* Shruti Hasaan (or her press secretary) answers questions via e-mail.

Question:Are you single?
Answer: I'm boringly single.

Heh. And bored with this question, I'm sure. I have to admit that Shruti has really grown on me with 7aum Arivu and now 3. Her acting reminds me a bit of Sonam Kapoor's but Shruti is much less fragile...

* Her papa Kamal Hasaan is equally straightforward.

Haasan is miffed with reports that portrayed him as Bollywood-starved. "I am not looking for a footprint in Hindi cinema any more. My cinema is mine, no matter what the language," he says.

* Ooo! Here's an actor I love unconditionally - Ranvir Shorey. Where has he been hiding?!

"Even at 40, I am still a struggling actor. In our industry star kids are given opportunities. There is no dearth of films for them. I have done films like 'Ugly Aur Pagli' and 'Mithya' for which I was appreciated. But here am I finding it difficult even to get my films released. I am not getting a chance to prove myself," said Shorey.

* I can't be the only one who rolls her eyes at the promos for WE MADE 3 IDIOTS presents Ferrari Ki Sawaari... if they can't sell the film on it's own merits, what's the point? Are we all so dumb we're going to go see a film just because it's associated with 3 Idiots? Anyway, the release date has been pushed back post-IPL.

* The Saroj Khan Story!! I want to watch this documentary.

Nobody seems more surprised about the film than Khan herself. “I was the first female choreographer in Bollywood. I have won three National Awards, something no other Master has done. And now a film has been made ... what can I say?” says the 64-year-old. If she’s thrilled about the film, she doesn’t show it. It was a trait that Tuli would recognise while filming. “She belongs to a time when people felt that only their work should speak. She isn’t very publicity-savvy,” says Tuli.

* Stars work the transition from having "secretaries" to having "managers."

“Back in the pre-corporate days, the secretaries spoke the language of the producers. Everything was very casual then — individual producers signed actors, gave them signing amounts, and that’s about it. Now, deals are cut more professionally, and the parties involved often include an international producer. We speak a different language because our society is more evolved. UTV is a Walt Disney Company today. So you need more expertise when you represent your client there,” says Zaidi.

* I kind of love Sajid Khan. There I said it.

"Having lost everything, we literally came on the roads. After my mother’s separation from [Sajid's father], we became homeless with no money. I have lived in a slum area, Bharat Nagar. Imagine me dealing with the rich kids in school and the poor kids in the slum,” says the director of Housefull 2.

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