Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday News!

A nice quiet day in the news... except for all that murder and the continuing media hysteria over Shahrukh Khan. You know, the usual.

* Housefull 2 is holding steady into its second week! I would totally go again if given the chance - hilarious film!

* Here's a review of Bittoo Boss that actually makes me want to give it chance.

Bittoo Boss as a film is exactly like the video Bittoo shoots. A little rough around the edges, not the most technically accomplished, it captures all the singing and dancing and feel good no matter how ugly the behind-the-scene action of real life gets. Because Bittoo wants his audience to have only the good memories and feel good about life. Much like the escapist cinema he stands for.

* A nice chat with "Bollywood's Favorite Cop" Parambrata Chatterjee.

What has intrigued Parambrata is that “it’s not just young girls but their mothers too who are sending me mails from their daughters’ IDs. Besides, back home, there is this ‘having done Bengal proud’ kind of thing, you know. People are proud that a Bengali boy has done well in Bollywood”.

* Ram Charan Teja is going to beat his bad Hindi by just not talking in Zanjeer.

* Spoilers for Barfi come out.

* Anybody looking for a good ripped from the headlines story to turn into a movie... look no further. The Tikku Murder Case develops a new twist.

* Mumbai Boss rounds up the month's fashion magazines...

My fave highlight, on Gauri and Susanne's Vogue cover:
Inside, Roshan tries to deflect attention from the rumour mills by spotlighting Khan’s decorating abilities. For her part, Khan, who only travels according to SRK’s schedule, says that she’s uncomfortable with the camera and the media (odd given that she was one of the magazine’s first cover girls in 2008) and that Roshan and she never fight because they aren’t “aggressive” (Roshan calls them “peacemakers”). Somewhere, Priyanka Chopra just unshod her bulletproof vest.

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