Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Gossip!

Good morning, all! I have to share that I had an epic troll yesterday tell me he was really sorry for me that I couldn't understand the Smash "Bollywood" song as a "parody" - which made me laugh so hard. Oh, trolls, do you never learn?

Speaking of laughing really hard, it seems Tezz is exactly the film we all thought it was going to be - boring with some nice action pieces. Kind of like Blue, which also featured Zayed Khan. Helpful rule of thumb: Never go see anything with Zayed Khan in it.

* Kahaani hits 100 crores! Does this mean Sujoy Ghosh gets a special membership pin as part the 100 Crore Club?

* What has happened with Subhash Ghai?

Trouble began in February when the Bombay High Court ordered Ghai to vacate 20 acres of land at Film City, Goregaon, on which his film institute stands. It was alleged that he had got the land at a huge discount eight years ago as a favour from Vilasrao Deshmukh, the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra. On 4 April, the Supreme Court upheld the Bombay High Court’s judgment, ordering him to immediately return 14.5 acres of the plot. The only consolation was that he could use the other 5.5 acres till 2014.

(The single comment left on the article is pretty epic, too.)

* Double standard by the morality police towards low budget "dirty pictures"? (Short answer: Yes.)

"It is clear that demarcation happens when it comes to big films", a veteran PR expert, "To raise voice against big films means big publicity even for those who are objecting to the content. If you or I challenge the likes of Life Ki Toh...., Apni Toh.... or Love Kiya Aur.... then not many would actually bother and the controversy would die down even before emerging. On the other hand, to pick a film like The Dirty Picture or a major celebrity, there is good coverage guaranteed. It is sad but true."

* See, forget Poonam Pandey, this kind of thing is what I call "bold!"

Talking about the challenges, Haroon reveals, "We were shooting a full-length film with songs, dance, real-time action and chase scenes spread across seven kilometers at the actual locations. It's a supernatural thriller without any VFX. Even if one thing goes wrong you have to do it all over again."

To make sure nothing went wrong, Haroon rehearsed with his crew for a few months. "We rehearsed for almost five months before shooting the film and we got it right in the seventh or eighth final take," he points out.

Bold. How long was Russian Ark? That's the only single-shot film I can think off the top of my head. Seems like this would be fun to watch, whether or not it's "quality" cinema. I can't resist a gimmick.

* Another bold film - Miss Lovely has been getting a lot of press with its Cannes screening.

More and more directors are rewinding to 80s, an era about, which we used to feel embarrassed till a few years back. Ashim agrees. “I also felt embarrassed. But the fact is that it was something uniquely Indian and it is something that we are releasing now when in the globalised scenario there is hardly any difference between a Hollywood and a Bollywood potboiler. The film also captures this transition from the celluloid era of the 80s to the digital age that took off in the 90s.”

* I think the New York Times has been doing a much better job with their Bollywood coverage than the Wall Street Journal. Today up at the NYT - an interview with Prosenjit Chatterjee (who we'll be seeing in Shanghai.

Your father was a well-known Bollywood hero, you had done three films (“Veerta,” “Aadhiyan” and “Meet Mere Man Ke”) with some well-known directors of that time in Bombay (now Mumbai) and you kept getting many more offers from the industry. Why did you then stay away from Hindi films?

Frankly, I did not want to jeopardize my Bengali film career at that time. I tried my hand in three Hindi films but those were not really very well thought-out or conscious decisions. They flopped. Back home [in Kolkata], after “Amar Sangi” (1987) became a phenomenon and established me as a hero, I found a lot to do here. Risking all those to pursue a career in Mumbai may not have been wise. So, I refused offers, which included films such as “Maine Pyar Kiya” [lead that was later played by Salman Khan] and “Saajan” [Sanjay Dutt’s role]. Both films went on to become super-hits!

* Would you be interested in a biopic on RD Burman? Yeah. I don't know either.

* Sasha does us all a favor and recommends Bips for his next film - the remake of Knight and Day.

* Bol Bachchan to release on July 6th... it will surely get a boost in the US from the 4th of July weekend!

* Aamir Khan: Master Marketer. The title track of his television show Satyamev Jayate will be screening in theaters after the National Anthem.

* Mumaith Khan is refreshingly un-filmi.

"I think I am just an average girl and I am quite amused when people call me things like sexy, etc. I guess it's the magic of makeup," she says brushing away the question of what it feels like to live with the tag of being an object of desire.

* I love when Sanjay Dutt has to talk to the press. The result is always entertaining. He has no filter whatsoever.

This must have been a press meet for Department, in which he's co-starring with Rana Daggubati. And Sanju-baba says:

As a veteran in the industry, Sanju has some words of advice for Daggubati who is only two films old in Bollywood. Says Dutt, "My only advice to Rana is that he should stick to commercial cinema because that is the best. He should not do films with social messages if he wants to do well in the industry."

LOL!! Okay, Sanjay...

And then he reveals way too much about himself over here:

As an actor he may not have changed but as a person he's gone through lot of changes.

"I haven't seen any change as an actor. I have not changed grossly but I have become a more frustrated person now. I get easily agitated these days."

"I used to be emotional and take my decisions from heart. But after spending a considerable time in the industry it has reversed. I have become more practical now," he adds on a parting note.

Um... okay, I guess. But what was practical about Chattur Singh No Stars? Seems Sanjay should take the OPPOSITE of his own advice and do socially aware films that he chooses from the heart - like Munnabhai. (Just a thought.)

* And another person who should continue to give interviews for everybody's amusement: Kumar Sanu. He is dismissive of talent show winners because...

"The participants just copy other singers and sing their songs to win a particular programme. But after they win competitions, most of them are not seen anywhere in the industry."


Oh, Kumar Sanu, please stick around for a while more.

And how could I forget my favorite ridiculous interviewee... Neil Nitin Mukesh! He looks so sleazy here. And the sexy sax isn't helping any...

Making of "Bharat Mata Ki Jai"... it's pretty interesting, actually! Vishal-Shekhar seem engaged.

Song trailer for "Kammo" from Department...


Diwali said...

Fairness claims a mentioning that Sanjay Dutt chose to do Chatur Singh in 2006 and shot for it in 2007/2008. So this film is hardly a result of the "practical decisions" he makes nowadays and therefore an improper example. You should have mentioned Rascals instead - and he would even approve because this was the film which made him rethink. ;)

Filmi Girl said...

@diwali You are correct and I concede the point 100%! For some reason that was the first film to come to mind... *cough* Ameesha's current train wreck of a career ;PPP

So scratch Chatur Singh and let's ask WTF was he thinking with Rascals?!

Diwali said...

If you ever find out, please let me know. :D

But in any case, he learnt from this mistake and drew the consequences, aswell as Ajay did (who willingly followed him doing this disaster). I guess we can be sure that none of them will agree to do a film like that again. ;)

Niktorius said...

"Never go see anything with Zayed Khan in it"

And what about Main Hoon Na? ;)

Thelondongirl said...

Am i completely dewwaana if i say i find Sanjay Dutt sexy? Whats wrong me. Filmi girl, i love how you hate Neil nitin murderesh, and Srk,( lets not even mention the Pigster) and love Akshay and Aamir so it seems. having seen Kahaani, which i loved, it totally deserves the box office markup that it has, its a really good film. ok i've rambled on enough.OUT!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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