Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Gossip!

It's the big day... HOUSEFULL 2! The theater is showing an optimistic 4 shows today, instead of the usual 3, so I hope people turn out. Apparently, it's started quite well. (The link also contains the unsurprising news that Agent Vinod was a FLOP. Add one more to the list for potential Box Office Poison reviews!)

* Hold onto your hats, Europe and America, and get ready for the Vidya Balan solo tour - kicking off in October. Hopefully, this solo tour actually goes through, unlike Ranbir Kapoor's.

* The Globe and Mail has a thoughtful profile of one Ms. Sunny Leone, which digs up gems like this:

The outspoken head of India’s Press Council, Justice Markandey Katju, also leapt to Leone’s defence. “My opinion is that Sunny Leone was earning her livelihood in the U.S. in a manner acceptable in that country, though it is not acceptable in India. Hence, if she conducts herself in India in a manner which is socially acceptable in India and does not breach the social moral code in India, we should not treat her as a social outcast.” (He also helpfully pointed out that many historical figures, from Buddha to Jesus, have accepted “fallen women” who went on to live lives of virtue.)

* Ileana D'Cruz for the Vettai remake?

* Here is a bit more on Naseer's Pakistani film.

Shah’s role is that of a middleman who facilitates illegal immigration. “Zinda Bhaag is a film based on the subject of illegal immigration. This is a big problem in Pakistan and India because overpopulation and lack of opportunities makes people desperate to flee to supposedly greener pastures. There are people in this business who lure unemployed youth with false promises of money and luxury and send them abroad illegally."

* I guess now is as good a time as any to dip a toe back into the Whistling Woods Clusterfuck. Now, we have Film City wanting the land for a Bollywood museum. Meanwhile, Whistling Woods in Hyderabad is also under investigation.

Song promo from Dangerous Isshq... and it seems Rajneesh hasn't lost that "piggy" look since 1920 but to be fair, who will be looking at him with LOLO on screen!

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