Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pune 52: Marathi Detective With Subtitles!

A major tip of the hat to OG for pointing this out to me...

Here is the synopsis from the Facebook page:

Pune. Circa 1992. The life of a private investigator with a failing marriage takes a dangerous turn after he takes up a case that is both highly complex, and deeply personal.

It looks like Pune 52 is set to be Marathi Noir, which I am looking forward to exploring! Hopefully the subtitles on the trailer are a sign that the entire film will be subtitled when it releases.


aham said...

Interested that you are getting into Marathi films, eventhough my mother tounge is Kannada I am fluent in Marathi, I would recommend you watch Valu and Harishchandraachi Factory two great movies which I would suggest to everyone, to be honest I think Bollywood is getting lame and boring and bland, Regional film industries are kicking b-wood ass.

guess_bunzy said...

Apart from the awesome looking trailer what makes this movie special is the team behind it.
Umesh, Girish, Sonali, Sai and the director Nikhil are brilliant people.
Can't wait for the release ! :)

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