Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Gossip!

Some great discussion yesterday on what we like in our love stories. "S" made an especially insightful point that is worth highlighting here: Actually I think that's what made older romances so much more relatable. Since the conflict was usually external, the movies weren't completely focused on the romance. Now most external conflicts have been lessened (especially for the rich/upper middle class urban characters Bollywood focuses on) so filmmakers have shifted to using internal conflicts, which sometimes leads to a lot of privileged navel gazing.

Now, let's all chew on that this fine Monday morning...

Are you in Manchester?! Asian Image has a contest to win tickets to see Atif Aslam!! He puts on a great show, so I hope you can make it!

And... apparently American reality show The Amazing Race went to India and this is the result:

You can watch the full episode on if you're curious!

* A.R. Rahman will feature on Oprah Goes To India.

* Akshay Kumar joins the 100 crore club with Housefull 2. I think this also puts Asin up there near the top of the list as far as big earning heroines go... She's had Ready, Ghajini, and now Housefull 2.

* Zoya Akhtar is making a documentary about Bollywood. She's asked Katrina to make a cameo.

* The nepotism train has left the station! Sonakshi's cousin Bhavna Ruparel will be getting a debut later this year.

A movie about a movie, CPBH, revolves around the story of a determined filmmaker and his journey from being a fourth assistant director to finally being able to call the shots. “It’s a film within a film, that’s how I describe it best,” she adds.

That sounds pretty dire, to be honest. Well, maybe the soundtrack will be good...

* Wow. Aftab Shivdasani is still trying to get his. I forgot he was doing the 1920 sequel. He's really fallen off of the C-list and onto the Z-list. If this flops, I doubt we'll be seeing him again at all.

* Tabloids spinning dirty rumors about Bips canoodling with the very unavailable Ram Charan Teja because the two were spotted having dinner with "a group of friends." They'll really make up stories out of ANYTHING.

* I haven't mentioned it before because the story seemed like it was just PR bullshit but it looks like Priyadarshan really did just axe Mallika Sherawat's item from Tezz. What was the reasoning behind that, I wonder... this had better not mean that Tezz wants to be a "thriller" like boring Blue and Mission Istanbul and the like, death marches of action set-pieces and unintentionally campy one-liners leading to nowhere.

* For your laugh of the day, an interview with Kamaal R. Khan!

"The well known Bollywood stars put a lot of thought behind their tweets, because they have so much at stake. I have nothing to lose. And besides, mujhe kaunsi Twitter se shaadi karni hai? (I don't have to marry Twitter.)"

Here's a cute little making-of for a CM with Bebo all decked up like a bride!

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