Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Gossip!

Happy Monday!

And a big eff youuu~ to all the critics acting like Housefull 2 was some sort of cinematic abomination because it wasn't about the trials and tribulations of some spoiled rich kid discovering the true meaning of "being ordinary." Well, Housefull 2 has had a fantastic opening weekend despite the cricket!!

Congratulations to Sajid Khan and (especially) to Akshay Kumar who really put 110% into this film and it shows. The man really needed a hit and now he has one! Here's hoping 2012 is the YEAR OF THE KHILADI!

* The rape case against Madhur Bhandarkar has been put on hold by the Supreme Court. Are they waiting to see how Heroine does before continuing? We wouldn't want anybody to lose money over this business, now would we?

* Actor Anuj Tikka has been arrested for murder.

* Asim and I were just talking about this! Apparently there is a film "not based" on the life of Divya Bharti.

* A two part interview with Akshay Kumar. I wish he would agree to an interview with me just once...

An integral part of this 'dirty dozen' is John Abraham with whom you recently did Desi Boyz.

John is the softest lone ranger in the industry. He is loved and looked after by everyone. When he walks into a room, he can make everyone's teeth ache with his sweetness and humble charm. I love him. I wish we could spend more time together. There is so much respect between us that we spend half our time accommodating each other than anything else.

(Also, this just in: Akshay Kumar is a charmer! Check out a candid snap of him from the sets of Special Chhabees.)

* Yes, Anushka, women are just "blindly" trying to get your figure. The endless messages about how weighing more than 90 pounds makes one criminally obese and deserving of mockery. I will personally slap the person who coined the phrase "Fatrina" if I ever meet him.

* Likewise, Kangana losing weight is the wrong emphasis for this article. This little bit could have focused on the amount of martial arts training Kangana has done or that it takes her hours to get in/out of costume... but, no, the headline is: KANGANA LOSES FIVE KILOS. Sigh. Yup, all us ladies are just "blindly" starving ourselves to look like Anushka Sharma for no other reason than our own stupidity.

* Amy Jackson Barbie dolls?

* Some interesting information from Rajeev Masand's (ancient blind items and) gossip column about Rani Mukherjee's Aiyya.

The film, apparently, is a comedy that winks at the over-the-top Bollywood cinema of the 1980s and 1990s, where Rani is paired opposite Malayalam star Prithviraj. Cast as a middle-class Marathi girl with a tendency to behave theatrically, Rani has apparently surpassed the expectations of the film’s makers, who can’t stop praising her performance. The highlight, they insist, is a naughty song packed with double entendre lyrics that will be filmed on the actress.

* Both Sonakshi and Asin have turned down Vettai remake.

* Apparently, Saif now needs the help of future brother-in-law Kunal Khemu to get work. My favorite part of this article is when Kunal describes Saif "just happening" to come across the trailer of 99, which stars Kunal and Saif's sister Soha.

Confirms Kunal, "Directors Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK and I have been working on this for a very long time. And then sometime back, Saif happened to come across the trailer of their film 99 and asked me about them. That's when I told him that I was working on this zombie script and it got him intrigued."

Why am I imagining Saif and Kunal clustered around somebody's iPhone playing youtube roulette?

* Yeah, buddy! Ishaqzaade pushed up to May 11th!

* Jism 2 may not be Sunny's first release in Bollywood. (*cough*) Director Stegath Dorr is trying to secure distribution for his (non-porn) horror film Black Sharma, which stars Sunny.

* I feel like I linked to this already but just to be safe - Amitabh to work with R. Balki again?

My favorite type of video... the crowd response! Watch out - it's a long one. Did anybody see Racha? How is it?

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