Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Today's gossip... enjoy karo!

* If you, like me, are deeply curious about Nollywood - the Nigerian film industry, click on the link for a photo essay.

* Kahaani: Doing well at single screen cinemas. Proving that making a hit film doesn't mean talking down to your audience.

* An interesting update on the Gangs of Wasseypur soundtrack. Seems the music is being done by Sneha Khanwalkar (Oye Lucky Lucky Oye) and is going to feature Daler Mendhi.

* Sameera Reddy to make her Sandalwood debut. I kind of love that all these boss actresses who are pushed out of other industries make their way to Kannada films...

* Have a sloppily edited piece on doing research for "realistic" Bollywood films.

"I asked myself these questions: Am I making a docu-drama on the gun trade culture, or am I trying to show how to find guns easily in the market? Is it going to be a film on gun trading or mass entertainment? Also, the audience had to associate with the original Jannat."

* Sonam Kapoor is being asked to gain weight for her film opposite Dhanush. Having now seen Dhanush in action, he and Sonam would look ridiculously reedy together on screen. HE'S SO THIN!

This article is kind of triggering, though, for people with food issues - because Sonam has food issues.

When it was pointed that curves had replaced the size zero trend, the actor said, “Curves are in, but for only a few actors. I’m too tall. The taller you are, the bigger you become and you start looking really huge.”

Sigh. I'm 5'9" - does that mean I shouldn't have curves?

* Strangely, it's really been warming my heart to hear Sunny Leone's co-stars praising her.

“She (Sunny) is very beautiful. I don’t judge anyone by the work the person has done in the past. She may be a porn star but Jism 2 is not a porn film. People should keep that in mind,” said [Arunoday Singh].

I'm not one of those pro-porn feminists by any means but I do agree that we shouldn't judge or condemn people who have done it. I'm looking forward to Sunny's debut! (Here's an image she posted.)

* Sajid Khan returns to the limelight for Housefull 2.

You've worked with Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan in a majority of your movies. How is your equation with them?

I share a warm relationship with both. Having been in the same school, I know Akshay since our Don Bosco days. We started our career around the same time. As a result, it's easy to work with him. Salman is an old friend and a great human being. He's more like a family, given the years we've known each other.

* Abhay Deol: action hero?

The piece seems to think that Abhay is Dharmendra's son, so take it with a grain of salt, I guess.

* John Abraham to play a cop in Kala Ghoda opposite Kunaal Roy Kapur.

* Ishq in Paris for September. BEST OF LUCK, PREITY!

* Dabangg 2 is set for a Christmas release. When was the Raj/Rahul In London Part 8000 film set to release? Was that Diwali or Christmas? If it's Christmas, that would be an interesting match-up... Khan vs Khan!

Title song for Ishaqzaade! The more I see of this film, the more I'm looking forward to it...! We know Parineeti is good and Arjun seems passible.

Promo for Aamir's new TV show... which you know is going to be perfect.


maxqnz said...

That Sonam quote makes me sad - I really hope she gets some help before becoming Bollywood's Karen Carpenter. Also, Parineeta really does look totally awesome in Ishaqzaade, another Vidya on her way up.

Yunus Perveez said...

I think Preity just tweeted that Salman will be involved with Ishq Paris which essentialy means that movie is going to do horribly as any movie with a special appearance by Salman or SRK does.

I'm totally looking forward to Jism 2 (and the puns it will create at the time of release, especially with Sunny Leone's name attached to it. Sunny is crazy beautiful though, plus she's not ultra skinny either which is nice :-)

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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