Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Gossip!

Today in gossip... Tezz totally blows and other (non) stories!

So, let's hit it!

* Rajesh Khanna has been hospitalized but is now doing okay.

* MADHURI DIXIT TO PLAY A GANGSTER! Normally I'd ask if the writer had pulled this idea directly from my id but considering the writer is my buddy Soumik Sen, I already know the answer is, "yes."


* Recapping Aamir's adventures at the rickshaw driver's son's wedding...

Ramlakhan told The Telegraph over the phone that the actor had initially excused himself. “Aamir saab at first said it would be difficult for him to attend the wedding and promised to send a CD with a message for the bride and the groom. But just two days before the wedding, he said he would be coming himself.”

Actually, that's rather smart of Aamir; he probably didn't want thousands of people turning up expecting to see him.

* I cannot let an interview with Zayed Khan escape without comment! Let's see what everybody's least favorite Bollywood charity case has to say:

You finally got your dream come true of working with Priyadarshan. How was the experience?

Dude...Priyan Sir is a task-master. I almost felt I was in some military camp. During one of the early days in the shoot he told me, "I like you but when you start waking up at 5 am give me a call" And I told him, "Sir, I'll be on your set at 4:30 am if that's what it takes." I used to always come 45 minutes before call time and made it a point to break that impression he had of me. He's edited the film in his head and knows exactly what he wants from his actors. With Priyan Sir, you really need to be at the top of your game. He wants people who are sincere, hardworking and completely prepared on sets.

So, he didn't initially start out by wanting to give his best? Yeah. Actually, if Priyadarshan is an early riser, no wonder he loves working with Akshay, who is always on set at like the crack of dawn everyday without fail.

* Meanwhile, Anil "on par with Hollywood" Kapoor thinks audiences don't like 3 hour movies anymore. Right. It's not that many of those 3 hour movies being released are really crappy, it's that the length of the film is too long.

“The audience does not like to sit in a theatre for more than three hours. Hence the duration of a movie has changed to two hours. The screenplay has to be crisp and entertaining too.”

Funny... it didn't seem to bother the sold-out crowds at my local theater for Endhiran...

(Also, Tezz sounds really dire and possibly vaguely anti-Muslim.)

* Another star son charity case - Tiger Shroff - has yet another potential debut. What does this make, like four films announced and then backed out of later?

Excel's yet untitled film which is said to be an action oriented love story will be scripted by Zoya Akhtar and Reema and will go on floors by end of 2012 or early next year.

Okay, then... if Zoya is in charge, I'll give Tiger the benefit of the doubt.

* Sonu Sood knows he deserves better.

When the sequel of Dabangg was announced, there were speculations about Sonu doing the film. And then reports suggested that that he has preferred to opt out. Ask Sonu about this and he clarifies, "I'm not doing Dabangg 2, but I wish I could. I always choose roles that excite me and somehow when I heard the script of Dabangg 2, I wasn't happy with my role. I think the character of Cheddi Singh could have been taken to the next level but that wasn't the case. So I decided to opt out."

* John Abraham is totally psyched for Dostana 2. Me, too, John. Me, too.

* Another future resident of the Imtiaz Ali Funded Memorial Home for Exotic Imports... though this one is working with Ayan Mukherjee.

Ew!! Click through to look at her picture - she's totally fugly with that praying mantis western model look.

Her modelling career helped Evelyn get many film offers, but she chose to train herself before venturing into B-Town. She says, “I took proper training in acting for four months under director Rahul Rawail. In his academy, they also taught me how to read and write Hindi. I brushed up my diction, as I did not want someone else dubbing for me.” Currently, Evelyn is learning to dance. She will also be seen in From Sydney, With Love, for which she has finished shooting.

But don't worry guys, because Evelyn has had FOUR MONTHS of training to be an actor, which means she's TOTALLY prepared. Totally.

* Oh, gross!! The tag to this piece on Sunny Leone and the casting couch is totally out of line. Sunny was an adult film actress, not a whore.

Although, I am an ardent believer against casting couch but given Sunny's history of work, do you think that those producers were out of their minds asking Sunny for "favours"?

Yes. Yes, I do.

The two real stars of Vicky Donor - Mrs. Kamlesh Gill and Mrs. Dolly Ahluwalia!! HOW CUTE!


the mafia kat said...

I don't think Madhuri will be playing a "gangster" in a typical sense. The movie is called "Gulab Gang" and about women fighting social injustice -- pretty sure it's based off of the Gulabi Gang in UP, started by Sampat Pal Devi as a response to domestic abuse and violence against women in her areas. (Apparently they visit abusive husbands and beat them up unless they stop abusing their wives.) There's an interesting documentary called "Pink Saris" about the group, if you're interested!

Carol said...

the mafia kat your recommendation wasn't for me, but I'll surely check that out!

I'm so happy to have Madhuri back with two nice, challenging and strong roles for her. That's what she was waiting for as an artist. We know she's talented because her amazing presence made some terrible movies kind of tolerable (like the odious Anjaam), but now that woman deserves some great scripts to match up with her talent. A Vishal Bardwaj movie and a gangster movie, how awesome is that?

How Cheddi Singh could possibly be in Dabangg 2? We all know what happened to him. Also, I wanted a better villain for the sequence. I really like Sonu, but I kind of liked Cheddi Singh and that's not how I want to feel about a masala villain. I want someone like Prakash Raj in Singham - crazy as hell! I want to hate him.

Magpie Ima said...

My thoughts exactly, Carol. Maybe there was a Cheddi Singh zombie in the script?

Jess said...

I'm just gonna be grateful Dabangg 2 sounds like and ACTUAL sequel. I was half expecting them to replace Raju, shave Chulbul's mustache, make him a Mumbai gangster, and still call it a sequel. I've never understood people make sequels that are not sequels.

Moimeme said...

@Carol and Magpie Ima, at the end of Dabangg, there was mention of a twin brother of Chedi Singh who was supposed to be even meaner and was still running around. It was clear that was meant to leave open the possibility of a sequel.

And, in case you didn't know, Prakash Raj is the villain in the sequel, and one of the reasons why Sonu Sood didn't want to be in the second film was that he felt with two villains, his role wouldn't have much scope.

Carol said...

@Moimerme I remember they mentioned a brother, but I've never imagined that Sonu Sood would play him.

I didn't know that Prakash Raj was going to be the villain, you made me a very happy person now :D

@Jess, isn't even Golmaal an exception? I like that non-sequel sequel thing they do!

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