Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Gossip...

Oh, yuck! They finally made me switch to the new Blogger template and it's so fugly. Sigh. We'll see how it actually works as far as posting goes... but if things look a bit different today, don't blame me - blame our Google overlords.

Also, on the "yuck" spectrum - can the media stop reveling in the details of each of Meenakshi Thapar's body parts found? She was a human being and deserving of some dignity in death. And can Western media outlets stop calling her a "Bollywood star"? She was like one step up from a junior artiste and nobody knew her name before they found her torso.

Now... onto less gruesome matters.

* Hollywood continues to make inroads in India. Hollywood now counts for between 8-10% of the box office thought whether that is total or just in (Hindi-speaking regions, they don't say.

* And a report on the box office in Bengali markets. Hollywood is just 3% there.

* Swati Shetty, president of Balaji Films, has quit following a dispute with Ekta Kapoor!!

* Ali Zafar for the Vettai remake!! Now, as long as they don't cast actresses I hate in the heroine roles, we're looking at one of my most anticipated films of next year!! Hear that, Linguswamy? This means NO DEEPIKA OR PRIYANKA OR LARA DUTTA on pain of my endless whining about it.

* Chiranjeevi's words of wisdom for Cherry:

Chiru said, “There is no bad film as such. Some films meet the expectations while some flicks fail to click. I was surprised when Ram Charan decided to play a lover boy. But when I realised that it failed, I told my son not to experiment instead work on those movies which our fans like. After all, we are all alive because of fans.”

* While Priyanka is enjoying her fat paycheck for Zanjeer and flitting around L.A. "recording an album", Barfi remains unfinished.

* And, speaking of, Salim-Javed have sent off a legal notice to the producers of the Zanjeer remake.
* Sajid Khan is remaking Himmatwala with Ajay Devgn? Where have I been?

* Thanks to some detective work by a True Blood fan on Pinkvilla, it appears that Neil Nitin Mukesh's latest Filmfare photo shoot was "inspired" by one featuring Alexander "Team Eric" Skarsgard.

* Indian film Miss Lovely is screening at Cannes (in the non-competition.)

* Chittagong is opening the Indian Film Festival in New York! (The festival also features a colorized version of Dev Anand's Hum Dono - though why you would want to do that to yourself is beyond me.)

* Can the Censor Board just censor all of Kya Super Kool Hai Hum for being crap and save us the trouble of not watching it?

* Dhanush has signed three new films.

Okay, who let Zayed Khan talk to the media...? Could he sound less enthused about Tezz?


maxqnz said...

OK, so I'm going to live up to the clich├ęd male stereotype and say that I can't see any difference in your blog looks to me!

Thelondongirl said...

neither do i. i'm afraid to ask but Lara Dutta? what the deuce..

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