Wednesday, April 11, 2012

THE FOREST: A public service announcement

Gentle readers, I don't often post publicity material here because, frankly, most of it gets spammed to every news outlet and will be posted everywhere from Glamsham to Desi Hits to the Times of India but I had to make an exception for The Forest because it stars one of my favorite actors - the perpetually underrated Javed Jaffrey.

Here is the synopsis as sent to me:

Dr. Vijay Mallya, PVR Director’s Rare initiative and Alipur Films brings an
ecological thriller – The Forest. The film directed by Academy Award nominee Ashvin Kumar,
starring Jaaved Jafferi, Nandana Sen and Ankur Vikal.

It’s is the story of a vacationing couple disturbed by the arrival of the wife’s ex-lover,
opening wounds that are best left unhealed; yet, unknown to them their troubles have
only begun. They are being hunted by a leopard that has turned man-eater due to a failed
poaching attempt, and it will stop at nothing to satisfy its hunger.

True to life, for more than a 150 people are killed in leopard or tiger attacks in India every
year due to mounting poaching and encroachment on our dwindling wilderness. Unable
to hunt their natural prey, such animals find it easier to hunt human beings and become
man-eaters. The film is about a wounded leopard, whose only choice for survival is to hunt
humans and is inspired by Jim Corbett’s man-eater tales as one who has lived through such

Are you intrigued yet? I'm going to e-mail them to see if there will be an online release but, alas, I doubt it.

[Director Ashvin Kumar looking arsty. I'm sure he's thinking, "Now, how can I give Javed more screen time in order to make Filmi Girl happy..."]

[And the lovely Nandana Sen! She was in Autograph, which was making the film festival circuit here in the West last year, and in Vivek Oberoi's Prince.]

And the trailer! Is that JAVED JAFFREY SHOOTING A GUN? (Why, yes, it appears so!)

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