Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Forest Press Meet!!!

I was actually invited to this. Unfortunately for everybody, I am in America, not Mumbai, and couldn't attend.
But despite that small niggle, I can't deny myself a chance to indulge my inner Javed Jaffrey fangirl, so please have some promo pictures!

To quote the press release I got: Ashvin Kumar is the youngest Oscar Nominated Director and has recently won a National Award for his documentary - Inshaallah Football. The Forest marks his debut in feature films. "The Forest focuses on human behavior and extremes where the inner animal of a human being takes over. This thriller also gives a message to its audience by making them aware of the repercussions of human encroachment into the animal lands", said Ashvin as he talked about his upcoming release.

Actually, that really is an important issue right now. Even in the United States, one of the biggest problems for animals - especially large carnivorous animals like bears - is humans moving into their territory. We move into their territory and then complain and shoot them when they do things like knock over garbage cans and eat our pets. Um... we're the ones intruding on THEIR HOMES, not the other way around.

But onto more important things.

Oh, hello, handsome!

Mr. Handsome with Nandana Sen.

And with Ashvin Kumar...

The Forest team! I really do hope I get to see this at some point...

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