Monday, April 9, 2012

A Blog Post Starring Magic of Google's Suggested Search!

Today I happened to check in on what keyword searches that lead people to find my blog and I disappointed to find that (yet again) sonam kapoor fat is right there in the top 10.

To be clear, I'm not disappointed that people are curious about Sonam's previous weight - she talks about it often enough that obviously people are going to be curious - I'm disappointed that it's a topic of discussion at all. Why is it such a major part of Sonam's public persona that she used to weigh more than she does now?

I vented a bit about this on twitter and my dear friend Asim mentioned that sonam kapoor fat was high up on the list of "suggested searches" in Google. That got me curious.

Bearing in mind that these are not universal across Google, here is what Google has found us searching in my part of the world:

Sonam Kapoor: weight loss, twitter, height, style, fat, hot scene, movies list, players

[And here is the picture everybody wants! Isn't she sweet looking? I don't know why people act like she has some sort of shameful past. It's not like she had to wash herself with a rag on a stick, she was just healthy.]


Sonakshi Sinha: weight, reena roy, twitter, height, weight loss, ranveer singh, maxim, and diet

[Sonakshi is another starlet haunted by a "shameful" past of weighing more than two pounds. She also has the more interesting searches involving speculations on her mysterious similarities with Reena Roy and her photo-manip fake Maxim magazine cover.]


Deepika Padukone: twitter, weight, tattoo, movie list, height, siddharth mallya, negative image, race 2, boyfriend

[I have to admit I wasn't expecting "negative image." And here I thought it was just me who thinks that Dippy has a sour flavor. Unsurprisingly, the girl who plays out her romantic life in public has inspired a lot of searches on just that topic. Here is the infamous kiss she shared with then-BF Siddharth Mallya.]


Aishwarya Rai: baby name, baby, daughter name, tumblr, baby name savia, weight gain, twitter, baby girl name, pregnant

[Somebody call the diet police because Aishwarya has been enjoying motherhood instead of slaving away on the treadmill for 20 hours a day. It's to the point where there is speculation that she hasn't lost her baby weight yet because she's pregnant again. Um... maybe she's just enjoying life and isn't worried what some catty writer at Pinkvilla has to say about her? It's just a thought...]

Priyanka Chopra: twitter, cosmetic surgery, and shahid kapoor, album, nose job, 2012, shahrukh khan, bikini, dostana

[HO SNAP! Not an Agneepath or even a "movies list" in sight. And it looks like those nose jobs are internet famous. Well, it could be worse, PC, at least nobody was looking up "negative image."]

Kareena Kapoor: marriage, pregnant, latest news, wedding, plastic surgery, pregnant, weight, saif wedding, twitter

[People are really getting antsy about this Kareena-Saif wedding. To be fair, when it happens, it will be an orgasmic media event as close in size and scale to the William-Kate wedding as Bollywood can humanly make it. The pregnancy searches are either from that image from the sets of Heroine that was making the rounds or from rumors that the reason Bebo is no longer size zero is that she's pregnant. Yeah.]

Rani Mukherjee: aditya chopra, pregnant, height, boyfriend, abhishek bachchan, makeup breakdown, makeup, aditya, twitter

[Everybody wants to look like Rani! I don't blame them. I'm just surprised there is no "wedding" in with all the Aditya Chopra searches.]

Vidya Balan: married, kahaani, pregnant, in transparent bra, boyfriend, latest news, transparent top, family

[Apparently people are really curious about a) Vidya's secret life where she's married - to someone unnamed - and pregnant and b) another photo from the event above where her sheer top was no match for the photographer's flash. Google it yourself...]


Shahrukh Khan: twitter, gauri, and priyanka chopra, net worth, movies list, muslim, divorce, and katrina kaif

[Here is our first religious search but I think something is missing...]

[Yes, there it is in first place.]


Salman Khan: academy, twitter, news, height, katrina kaif, hair transplant, surgery, net worth, academy wiki

[How confused must people looking up this guy be when they stumble across Salman Bhai... Ranbir and Sanjay Dutt are two more whose names brings up "hair transplant."]

Saif Ali Khan: daughter sara, wedding, and kareena kapoor, kids, daughter, first wife, heart attack, twitter, updates

[Talk about a man defined by the women in his life... people are probably interested in Sara because of this recent Hello magazine cover.]

And just so you know I'm not playing favorites...

[Aw!! You guys miss my podcast! It's just sooooo much work! If anybody is up for co-hosting, I'd be happy to think about starting it up again...]


Melanie said...

It's funny that Kareena is researched for being pregnant but not even for Heroine... This movie just relies on hype from Madhur and Kareena ..*sigh*
And I'm so afraid of the moment she'll announce her marriage, because she's going to publicize it EVERY time she opens her mouth... *double sigh*

And PC, well I never saw those two pictures side by side so it was quite a shock for me!! XDXD

And ROFL for your research on Shahrukh....XD

Melanie said...

And I forgot to add that I think the section of the media criticizing Aishwarya for her weight is really pathetic... But, fortunately, some still have a brain, and a certain Lada from Headlines Today wrote this really nice article, Aish even called him to thank him...^^ I thought I would share it we you..!.html&Itemid=&main_category=36&contentid=62716&blogs=2&contentid=62716

Amaluu said...

OOH! Can I co-host??? :-)

Yunus Perveez said...

Getting back on this post too since I inspired it :-)

google search machine is quite the mystery, it also takes in to account your own search history, cookies and preferences plus hte region you are in ofcourse. So in a way this exercise is like when you have a dream of walking through a house, which actually means you are having a dream about yourself :-)

ajabsi said...

Obv this is a super late comment but I just came across this, soo...
The Deepika negative image is actually a pretty popular optical illusion image on facebook/twitter etc. If you'd hit that search, you'd figure out lol

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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