Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Gossip!

Lakme Fashion Week highlights from from NDTV and more in-depth coverage from Mumbai Boss.

Ah... to be at fashion week instead of going to the office... still, I suppose that is what the glamor industry is for. To give us a little something bright to take into the office.

* Winners of the National Film Awards!

Best feature film (shared): Deool (Marathi) and Byari (Kannada-Beary)

Onir, director of the best Hindi film I Am has this to say:

"I am overwhelmed. This award has given me a lot of strength. This was the most difficult film to make as studios were not ready to acquire the film. This is a film made by people and this award is for those people who helped in the film."

* Rishi Kapoor gets into a little spat with Dr. Rachel Dwyer.

Apparently, the well-informed lady argued with Rishi Kapoor over a vital question: which is Rishi Kapoor's first film? Every record of his achievements states it is Mera Naam Joker. But Rachel Dwyer with her vast storehouse of knowledge on Hindi cinema insisted it was Shree 420 where Rishi along with his brother Randhir and sister Reema made a fleeting appearance.

* Read a wonderful interview with Irrfan Khan.

Bhansali made a point recently that our taste is diminishing, collectively, in the art we consume, which is why audiences don't appreciate a lot of fine work. Your take?

So, in a way, he's calling his work classy...? Ho sakta hai. But the world moves along a track, and everything also has contrasts. If the USA is highly materialistic, spiritualism will also be more intense because it is a major need. In India, where it is taken for granted that we will all be spiritual, it is dead.

In related news, Irrfan is dropping the Khan from his name.

* The fate of a controversial metro scene in Kahaani will be decided today.

* Ekta Kapoor's zombie film is not going according to plan - it's already over budget. Remember this is the one being directed by the guy who did Manorama Six Feet Under - not the one from Raj and DK, which is the zombie film I am waiting for.

* Wait one minute - did I miss out yesterday that PRABHU DEVA is the lead in Remo D'Souza's 3D dance film?!

* Oh ho ho! Amala Paul to head to Bollywood to reprise her role in Vettai?

* John Abraham in a film on the Tamil Tigers?

* All those producers who snapped up Prateik Babbar before he was really tested at the box office are regretting their decision.

* Saif Ali Khan talks Agent Vinod.

Is the film also a little kitsch?

The title is but the film isn’t because I don’t think kitsch is commercial. Kitsch doesn’t really resonate with the large audiences. You can do it with your fashion sense at the racecourse, but not in a mainstream Bollywood film (laughs). I am aware of the fact that the sophisticated filmgoer thinks it’s a little bit of a silly title at the moment, but then even Mission: Impossible is quite a funny title and it came from a very bad TV show.

* Some classic mouth farts from Ameesha Patel...

"I don't see any reason why one should go ahead and wear a bikini just for the sake of it. I didn't want to do that but I see that today it has become a trend. It seems that many out there are just going to gym and then coming in front of the camera. But my question is - Where is acting here? You know, these are the kind of things that make you feel dejected."

REALLY, Ameesha? I guess that wasn't you in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic... and Chattur Singh... and at Rohit Dhawan's wedding... etc. etc.

Does she have no friends to tell her that she's being ridiculous?

* Don't get him wrong, Tusshar Kapoor LOVES his multistarrers but he really wants to do solo work.

"I definitely want to do solo films. I enjoy doing solo roles because it gives me ample scope, whereas in a multistarrer the credit is shared."

The problem with Tusshar doing solo film is that nobody wants to see him doing solo films. He has no box office draw on his own for the kinds of films that he seems to want to do.

* Bipasha Basu's Hollywood film is going to be salvaged.

* If Race is being remade in Tamil, starring Ajith, then I will watch it. Gladly.

* Will it be Salman Khan as God for Akshay's home production?

* Sajid-Wajid are out of Son of Sardar... allegedly because of their proximity to Salman Khan.

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Moimeme said...

So Saif thinks Mission Impossible was a "bad" TV show? Well, if I needed any more reasons not to watch Agent Vinod, this is it.

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