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Tuesday Gossip!

Good morning! I hope everybody enjoyed my piece on Bipasha Basu. It's funny but until I started really reading about her, I hadn't realized that she made it in this industry working more or less in parallel to The Three Khan circuit. That is pretty noteworthy, if you ask me.

Also! Bipasha apparently gives excellent hoarding - I found multiple articles mentioning her billboards just in passing, as scene-setting to news articles talking about politics or other things.

NOW! Today in gossip... plenty of goodies! Some bitter actors, some excited starlets, Akshay Kumar just being himself, and some sad news regarding Dhoom 3.

* Let's just all agree to give Ram Charan Teja all the interviews from now on. He does it so well!

Comparisons with Big B wouldn't be all. You will also have to sweat it out like an absolute newcomer, with no lineage or fans or recall value to bank on...

Yes, I am prepared to be scrutinized, slashed and ripped apart. I have all odds against me, except my confidence. I am taking on something which is very special to the Hindi audience. "Zanjeer" is in the movie libraries of every North Indian household, I'm sure. A whole generation has grown up on it. I am going to be at the mercy of an audience who doesn't know me and isn't used to me. I may be a big star for my fans in the South, but in Bollywood, I will be just a new guy struggling to win the hearts of his audience. I think only two kinds of people would take on something like this - either someone who is extremely confident or someone who is totally crazy. I am a bit of both. I am not expecting any frenzied premiere or fans or adulation. And I am working hard. I'll leave the rest to God.

Is there a better combination for a star than "extremely confident" and "totally crazy"? No. No, there is not.

* Dispatches from Akshay-nagar!

Akshay was here Monday for the launch of the new issue of Stardust magazine with co-stars Jacqueline Fernandes, Asin Thottumkal, Zarine Khan and Shazahn Padamsee and he sang for them at the event.

"Please dim the lights," he said before he started singing, to set the mood for "Bheege honth tere", which happens to be one of his favourite romantic numbers.

Think the article is exaggerating?

I don't know why I find it so charming that Akshay loves this song from Murder but I TOTALLY DO!

* Asin is excited about Housefull 2.

"Sajid Khan as a director is funny. He forgets to say cut. We would be doing a comedy scene and he will start laughing in the middle of the scene, that too in the mic and we all would get distracted...He is so involved in the scenes that he forgets to say cut," Asin told IANS.

* Kajal Agarwal is excited about Special Chabbis.

"Some of the other Hindi films that came my way weren't very exciting. However with Special Chabbis everything has worked out quite well. I have seen Neeraj Pandey's A Wednesday and it was fantastic. Who wouldn't want to work with such a director? And then of course there is Akshay. Moreover with such an interesting character to play, I wouldn't have let go off this film."

* Mr. Vicky Donor himself - Ayushmann Khurrana - talks about making it in Bollywood.

Hypothetically, if you were offered a YRF film and Vicky Donor, which would you ideally choose for your debut?

Frankly, if I was a star kid I would have automatically bagged an YRF film. Only star kids get roles with that banner. Arjun Kapoor is getting launched by YRF; David Dhawan’s son is getting launched by Dharma Productions – how many more examples you want me to give.

Suspiciously, there was no follow-up question to this.

* And he isn't the only bitter interviewee today. Kay Kay Menon has this to say.

"You are only interested in marketing. You are not making cinema but gathering star surnames, making a project and that we'll think about the story and other things later," he told reporters on the sidline of an event.

* This is possibly the greatest write-up ever on the Agent VInod sequel.

Raghavan also confirmed that he will start working on Agent Vinod 2 from next month. Saif-Kareena's much-awaited Agent Vinod has somehow failed to impress the film critics and the viewers.

I saw another hilarious post on Agent Vinod which claimed that the film wasn't for desi viewers... because it was "too smart." Wow.

* The media has their panties in a twist over the alleged Bebo snark at Priyanka Chopra.

During an interview, Kareena said, "Priyanka Chopra makes the best spy, she should give me tips.” Oops Bebo, that sounded sarcastic, rude and as far as we recall, PC hasn't yet performed any such role of a spy in any of her movies. So, what did Ms Kapoor actually mean by her statement?


* Shahid Kapoor wants to push up Vettai.

* Meanwhile... Noooo! Aamir! Come on, yaar! Why are you pushing back Dhoom 3 for a boring Rajkumar Hirani movie?!? Let Ranbir take it, if that's what you're worried about. I mean, Katrina is playing a gymnast! Don't make us wait for that!

(And is he adding a song to Talaash?)

* Rana Dagubati has somehow landed an English language film, which is to be a remake of the Aamir Khan starrer Raakh. Two questions - why Rana and why in English?


Moimeme said...

FG, Yashraj Films have already refuted the rumor that Dhoom 3 has been delayed. Here is their official statement:

Dhoom 3 To Start In May 2012

Tuesday 27th March 2011 17.30 IST

Press Release

A Statement from YRF Films is as follows

"A It is unfortunate that without checking, a leading morning broadsheet irresponsibly declared that the shooting of DHOOM:3 had been indefinitely postponed and that it would be shot after Aamir Khan completes certain other future commitments.

This is absolutely baseless.

DHOOM:3 starts shooting in May 2012 and Aamir Khan joins the schedule in June as per plan".

Produced by Aditya Chopra, DHOOM:3 is written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, who had also written DHOOM & DHOOM:2.

Apart from Aamir Khan, who plays the anti-hero in the film, and Katrina Kaif, both Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will continue in their now iconic roles of Jai Dixit and Ali.

The film is slated for a 2013 release.


Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme YAY! Thanks for your detective work! :D

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omg Akshay Kumar has such a nice and sexy voice!

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