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Tuesday Gossip!

Good morning, all! Rainy morning here in DC but maybe we'll get some sunshine later today...

Shall we check in with the happenings in Tinsel Town?!

* Agent Vinod producer Dinesh Vijan on charges that Pyaar Ki Pungi was stolen.

Are you finding any similarity in the track? Pritam Chakraborty (composer) has made an original song. I don't see any reference. All I can say is that this has become the original song," Vijan told to reporters.

Um... yeah. That's not exactly how it works...

Like I said yesterday, the opening sample does sound suspiciously similar and knowing Pritam, well, they should just admit that they used it and pay up.

The Times of India has an interview with Khashayar Moradi from the band Barobax Corp.

Where exactly do you find a similarity between "Pungi baaja" and your song, "Soosan Khanoom"?

The first 10 seconds of the music of "PB" are completely a copy of our number. The first vocal melody is the same. We have also made a comparison video to show the similarities. The background vocal is similar. What's even more shocking is that the visual expression and dancing steps of Saif Ali Khan and my expressions in our video is also a copy. There is one girl singing a little portion in "PB". The melody of that portion is also a rip-off.

And here's a longer article on stealing songs.

[Kailash Kher] explained the conditions that a hit music composer like Pritam works under: “A person composing music for 50 films around the year has immense pressure on him. Every producer has deadlines to meet. Sometimes the producers come up with some reference for the music composers to compose the music on. We cannot put the entire blame on Pritam. As a musician, one has a lot of responsibilities. And when producers come up with a certain demand, composers are helpless.”

* Sorry, Pakistani friends, but Agent Vinod is banned in Pakistan.

* Chittagong will finally be releasing on April 10th at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles! I'm looking forward to this one!

* UTV claims Arya is acting pricy by demanding an 8 figure salary for the remake of Delhi Belly but I think he's perfectly within his rights to demand more money from the big Bollywood corporates. If they want to come in to the regional markets waving their money bags around, the least they can do is spread some of that cash around to the people who work in the industry. Like Arya.

* Meanwhile Sneha's name is being tossed around for a potential Tamil remake of Kahaani.

* The delay in Talaash is allegedly due to Aamir's insecurity over Kahaani. He's apparently re-working the climax of the film. If it was anybody else, I'd be worried but I trust that The Perfectionist knows what he's doing. I'm willing to wait 6 months for a NEW, IMPROVED TALAASH!

* Vikram Bhatt celebrates 20 years of filmmaking!

* And Mahesh Bhatt says Bipasha Basu will be reinventing herself in Raaz 3, which is good. Bips' image needs some polishing.

* This article is so confusingly written that I can't make out much more than Eros and one of the co-producers are fighting over payment for Mausam.

* Kat is being courted by the producers of Mehrunissa - the role opposite Rishi and Amitabh.

* Ajay Devgn is going to ride two horses at the same time - in tribute to his famous two-motorcycles-at-one-time act, I'm sure! I have one word: awesome!

* Arjun Kapoor goes into hiding before his debut in Ishaqzaade.

* Fact: I love Akshay Kumar. He wants his son to be a kid and stay away from films. (And watch out, ladies in Singapore! The Khiladi will be joining you for the premiere of Housefull 2!)

* Mallika Sherawat took the bait (aka the giant paycheck) and is going to be starring opposite Sachiin Joshi. I wonder if Vashu Bhagnani waved a giant check under her nose, too... because the only thing more pathetic than nobody accepting the offer to work opposite Jackky is nobody accepting the offer to work opposite Jackky AND THEN having Mallika Sherawat accept an offer to work with the equally rich and talentless Sachiin Joshi.

* Shahrukh is granted relief by the courts regarding illegal construction at his house in Mumbai.

* Is Rani really getting Sridevi, Juhi, and Madhuri to make guest appearances in her upcoming Aiyya? Because that is amazing!

* Nargis is fooling herself if she thinks she has a career in Bollywood ahead of her. She needs to go talk with Giselle Monteiro and Mugdha Godse about what it takes for a model to make it... and those two had their performances praised by critics.

"After being a part of a film like 'Rockstar', my next project has to be as good or better. I have read some great scripts and I think we will announce something soon. I was in no hurry to sign something. I wanted to wait for something exciting, and if that meant waiting for a while, then so be it," she said.

* And it looks like Prateik Babbar is on the way out. He's just been replaced by... Imran Khan in Tigermanshu Dhulia's next. (Speaking of, it seems Irrfan gets to do a steamy scene in Saheb Biwi aur Gangster 2. Somehow I don't think he'll mind...)

* Singer Anaya Brahma has filed a butthurt sexual harassment charge against filmmaker Samir Karnik. You know me and you know I generally take things like this seriously but in this case, it sounds more like Samir and Anaya had some sort of agreement and Samir didn't hold up his end of the bargain to her satisfaction so she decides to make a big deal out of an SMS message.

* Read a lengthy write-up on Lakme Fashion Week!

Rohit Bal, enfant terrible of the Indian fashion industry, put on LFW S/R 12's closing show with extravagant flourish - a live orchestra, prancing violin players and a white confetti shower - all made possible thanks to beauty brand Lakme, who in exchange proffered novel-sized press packets and ran a lengthy beauty commercial featuring Bollywood Lakme ambassador Kareena Kapoor.

The formatting of the piece is terrible but it's an interesting enough read...

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Jess said...

I just hope Aamir doesn't make the new Talaash twists too crazy. A confusing ending is as bad as a lame one. I don't see how someone could rework an ending that is probably being built up over an entire film. Unless Talaash is less like Kahaani and more like Clue the movie.

Akshay can't stop being adorable.

Hearing about Ajay riding two horses only makes me think of the scene from Mask of Zorro when Zorro/Antonio Banderas's stunt double did it while taking out a whole group of horseriding bad guys. I loved that movie lol.

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