Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Gossip!


Sorry for missing a post yesterday but we had another power outage. I'm not sure what the deal is with Virginia Power but at least we still had hot water this time.

OKAY! Let's rock it out! I'm sure I missed some stuff from yesterday but I tried to collect as much as I could...

* The first quarter of 2012 was pretty lackluster. Gee, you mean releasing 8 billion romantic comedies and nothing else wasn't a great business plan?

KAHAANI is the best over-all performer of the quarter followed by AGNEEPATH. Dharma Productions' EK MAIN AUR EKK TU did above average business while PAAN SINGH TOMAR may just break-even. Only AGNEEPATH, among the 30 odd films released during the quarter, crossed the Rs.100 crore mark and collected about Rs.124 crores net of taxes.

Imagine how much better Paan Singh Tomar would have done if it had gotten international distribution instead of the crap they sent us instead.

* Here's a little fluffy on-set piece with my favorite guy Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani!!

Pointing out the difference between him and Arshad, Boman added, “Arshad was doing this extremely funny scene yesterday. After the shot was ‘cut’ he immediately broke into a dance. It was odd. When I do an intense scene, I want the director to explain everything to me. Yesterday, I called Subhash at 7.30 am. And this is after I had been discussing the scene with him till 11.30 pm, the night before. After I called him, I realised that I had nothing to discuss. It’s that bizarre.”

* Everybody is extracting this quote from the Big B's latest blog.

"Some take it kindly, some do not. It is hard and harsh both to see adulation favour away from you and settle on another. Better then to not be too enamoured by it when it serves you. Life is transitory as is fame... Be gracious in accepting that it has gone away, elsewhere."

Is he giving advice to certain Khans we all know?

* 3 is getting a Hindi dubbed release in May.

* Jackky Bhagnani is such an odd story... after all the buzz about not being able to find a heroine for him... after his last film actually did okay at the box office but he's still floundering with guys like Adhyayan Suman... Now, he's apparently remaking Seema Tapakai to be directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and there is STILL no leading lady.

* Bollywood's bias against the South industries is really unbelievable. Sonam Kapoor is dropping a Mani Ratnam Tamil film because... well...

"For Sonam to go south at this point in her career would send a wrong signal to the filmmakers in Bollywood. Mani had his heart set on Sonam since she suited the young innocent, effervescent, sophisticated girl's role to the hilt. He had to look for a last-minute replacement," says a source.

What "wrong signal"? That there are quality filmmakers working out of Chennai?

* Hmm... Ekta Kapoor and Balaji aren't selling the remake rights to The Dirty Picture but are going to do it themselves. Apparently they want a known name for the lead. Might I suggest Ramya?

* Kat and Akki to reunite for A.R. Murugadoss!

* Anushka and SRK to reunite for Farah Khan!

* Rani Mukherjee teams up with Tigermanshu Dhulia!

* Salman Khan to do an item for Ajay's Son of Sardar.

* Aw... Dino Morea is standing up for Sunny Leone. I admit it. I'm rooting for Sunny!

Talking to a leading daily during an interview, Morea said, “Sunny Leone is much talked about for her casting in Jism 2. I don`t understand what`s the hoopla all about? That she was a porn-star?”

Defending Sunny’s past profession, Morea said, “But she has not done anything wrong - porn is legal in the country she hails from. Keep that tag away from her.”

* The plot to Lolo's Dangerous Ishq sounds amazing. And by "amazing," I mean wonderfully melodramatic and I want to see the movie even more now!

Supermodel Sanjana (Karisma Kapur) and Rohan (Rajneesh Duggal), son of the top business tycoon are the most talked about couple in the uber cool society circuit. Sanjana rejects a lucrative modelling offer at the last minute because her instincts suggest otherwise. To her dismay, just then Rohan gets kidnapped and the captor demands a huge sum of Rs. 50 crore as ransom.

Okay, by "amazing" I mean that I want to see Lolo playing a supermodel.

* Veena Malik is playing a vampire in Mumbai 125km. I feel like I've linked to this already but it's worth reading again. VEENA MALIK IS PLAYING A VAMPIRE.

No word on whether she will get a lightbulb bra for this film, too.

Trailer for the documentary on the making of Hisss! I'm really curious about this... especially if we're going to be treated to the Jennifer Lynch Melt Down Show.

And for no other reason than Bebo being adorable!


Melanie said...

Oh Gosh Sonam! Nobody refuses to work with Ratnam the Great!! I had better hopes for you! A ratnam movie, even in Tamil gets recognition! And I'm sure he would have been able to extract a good performance from her! Aishwarya went South several times in her early career and it didn't prevent her from doing BW as well!...
I'm sure Sonam has potential, I quite liked her in Delhi 6!! (I loved that movie btw!)

Sal said...

I don't know where this bias is coming from all of a sudden. All the top actresses used o go South in the 90s; Juhi did it, Manisha did it, Aishwarya did it. That's one of the reasons I have so much respect for Ash; she did Bengali, Tamil, English films, because she is genuinely interested in doing good work. If the Mani Ratnam offer is true, Sonam needs to do this movie.

Melanie said...

@Sal Totally agree here! Sonam must do it! Actors are remembered by the quality of their filmography, not by the number of hits... And Ash has a lot of movies to be proud of because she did the interesting ones...

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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