Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Gossip!

Well, it looks like we're getting Agent Vinod this weekend so if all goes well (and the film doesn't have Game-worthy reviews) I will go check it out!

Today in gossip - media shenanigans, Priyanka Chopra thinks she's number 1; and assorted casting rumors... don't YOU want to know!

* Here's an interesting little niggle in the copyright game - Sa Re Ga Ma is jacking up the price to purchase golden oldies for remixes. I hope this means we'll be hearing fewer of them. The piece is interesting and worth a read!

* Hey, everybody! Look! It's Q and he's doing stuff!

Talking about his future projects, Q says, “My next film, Love In India, is in its post-production stage. I’m also making an adaptation of a Rabindranath Tagore play. The feature film will be called The Land Of Cards. Apart from these, there is a documentary releasing in 2013.”

* Damn! Vivek Agnihotri is really putting it all out there for Hate Story.

Says Agnihotri, "My film is not one of those Bollywood erotic thrillers where we see a glimpse of a bra strap or a silhouette of a woman's underwear, or tantalizing peek at the cleavage or the thigh. My actress is nude on camera. We've gone all the way thanks to my lead pair Paoli Dam and Gulshan Davaiya who didn't hesitate in getting naked for the camera. Paoli is a profound actress with no inhibitions about her body. A rare combination. Our profound actresses are all middle aged. The last one was Kajol."

This may sell a few tickets to oversexed men but a naked lady alone does not make a hit... just ask the makers of Hisss.

* Priyanka Chopra thinks it's important to be No. 1. Poor thing. Considering she feels that way, it must really sting to be heroine number 4 in Bollywood... after Vidya, Bebo, and Kat.

“But it is impossible to decide who is No.1 or No.2. Nobody can decide who is No 1. An actress tends to do three to four films a year and all that films cannot be a hit. We make so many films in a year,” she added the former Miss World.

Oh, I see. It's "impossible" to decide who is number 1 but it's still important to be number 1.

* An interview with Akshay Kumar is always dangerous... I love the man but he gives terrible quotes.

"It is difficult to explain my role," Akshay says. "If you have seen old movies of Ranjeet and you know the type of character he played, you will know what I am talking about."

Bollywood's famous yesteryear villain Ranjeet is incidentally Akshay's father in Housefull 2. Though his character is like Ranjeet's, it is "minus all negativity and raping and smuggling. I don't have a rapist side, but I look at women very closely; I stare at them till they are out of my sight," Akshay reveals.

But Akshay, that makes no sense!!!!

* I don't need an article to tell me that the Zanjeer remake is looking for a brand name heroine to boost star power. Why else would Dippy and Piggy be in the running?

I would quibble with the author's conflating "brand name" with "bankable," though. Those two women are far from bankable though they will generate plenty of press interest. Personally, I'd rather see a B or C-listy heroine in the role. Somebody like Genelia or Jackie, maybe...

* Did Deepika replace Priyanka in the Knight and Day remake? If this is going to involve Dippy doing stunts instead of making goo-goo eyes, I approve. My favorite role of hers is still Meow-Meow from Chandni Chowk to China!

* Vivek Oberoi has signed a gangster film with Kumar Taurani. Despite Vivek's douchey persona, I do enjoy his acting so I'm always glad when he gets a role!

* Sher Khan: 2013. Win.

* This speculation sounds like a fever dream but if Jackie Chan and Salman Khan come together in a Tamil film, I will not complain.

* I suspect we'll be hearing a lot of noise about the Hollywood film on Indira Ghandi as every "on par with Hollywood" actor in town sends out press releases about how they are up for this role or that role.

* Meanwhile the Slumdog Millionaire kids continue to get Hollywood roles.

* Poor Ranveer Singh!!! I had heard reports of his accident but I assumed they were mostly hyped for the press but if it's true that he couldn't walk following his injury, then he must have been really seriously hurt!! Get well soon, Ranveer!

I don't know what is happening at this "Desi Club" but I want to be there! Mallika Sherawat's ITEM SONG from Tezz!

"Tu Hi Mera" from Jannat 2. Emraan's new hair piece is looking really good! I'm glad to see his Dirty Picture paycheck went to something worthwhile.

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