Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

Good morning, folks! Not much happening today...

Reactions on Agent Vinod seems to be... meh to meh.

The latter "meh" review also compares the film to... Don 2 and Ra.One. Because they are both trying to be "on par with Hollywood." Oh, yes, the words of doom were mentioned.

But in Agent Vinod, Don 2 and especially Ra.One it is obvious that the filmmakers, perhaps stirred up by the egos of their stars had this thought in their mind: ‘If Hollywood can make these films, then so can we.’ I believe nothing good comes out of that type of thinking. What they end up doing is making a mess of their films (despite some excellent moments — a single shot with hand held camera, as Vinod and Pakistani counterpart duck killers chasing them in a hotel; the chase scenes in the end; and a hilarious moment in a well-known eatery in Delhi’s Connaught Place). A little bit of Hollywood and a little bit of Bollywood does not make a complete film.

Can I motivate myself to go see a "meh" film attempting to be on par with Hollywood?! We'll see but signs are pointing to negative.

And now some sad news - Boney Kapoor's ex-wife Mona Kapoor (mother of Arjun Kapoor, who is set to debut) has passed away.

* Enjoy a snarking article about stars trademarking themselves. Priyanka wants to patent her smile - but really, shouldn't the credit be going to her plastic surgeon?

* Hrithik denies the rumors Priyanka's publicity team put forward about the pair working together again after Krrish 3.

* And an interesting little piece on a new magazine being launched... Hello! Pakistan.

Unveiling plans for ‘Hello! Pakistan' with a dummy cover featuring half-Pakistani actress Nargis Fakhri in an off-shoulder attire and talking about her debut in a Bollywood film, the magazine's team was walking into a minefield. The inevitable question came soon enough: “Have you got a no-objection certificate from the Jama'at-e-Islami?''

Evidently, the team had come prepared for such a line of questioning. Consulting Editor Wajahat S. Khan said: “This is our Pakistan also as much as it is theirs. Go take a look at the bookshops in town and see for yourself how many such magazines are available in the market.''


rachael said...

Idk, the whole "on par with hollywood" thing annoys the shit out of me too, but in Ra One it really felt like desperation. In Vinod there's a stylishness to it, and it's very playful and self-aware. It's less like a dutiful string of expensive but pointless cgi (a la Ra One) and more just a slick, winking take on the modern action film - which is definitely not just a product of Hollywood but of Hong Kong and a lot of other places as well.

maxqnz said...

The one common thread that seems to come through in the reviews of Vinod I've seen so far is that it had a lot more good will than Ra.One - the people disappointed with it really WANTED to like it, and laud the bits that worked, but express their disappointment that overall it came up short. It's not being trashed, but being lamented as an opportunity missed, especially it seems for the overlong, disjointed finales. When the tones of negative reviews is one of sadness not rancour, from people who went in hoping to enjoy it, that carries more weight with me, and that's what I've read so far with Vinod. In a few months, I guess I'll get the chance to see if I agree when it's out on DVD.

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