Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

By all accounts Kahaani is a hit! Congratulations to Vidya Balan, Sujoy Ghosh, and the team! I'll be going to see it this afternoon and I cannot wait!

* It hadn't occurred to me before but of course Kodak's bankruptcy would have an effect on industries where they haven't switched to digital yet.

Cinematographer Shekar Chandru said, “The migration to digital from reel was happening and this scare has intensified it. Though there is no problem as things stand, the fact remains that digital cameras are booked in advance. The supply is good, but within a year, more than 50 per cent of Kannada films are likely to be shot in digital up from about 10 per cent currently. Since projection is going digital, people using positive reels is decreasing, but people continue to use negative reels because of the quality compared to digital.”

* And I dug around for any news I could on the story that nobody in the Bollywood press is reporting on - the Competition Commission of India forcing open regional markets to Hindi films.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce is going to appeal the decision.

KFCC president K V Chandrashekar said, “We will be filing an appeal in the CCI appellate next week. We will be challenging not only the fine but also the basic question whether we are the victims of big business or it is we who are restricting them."

The decision would also open wide the Karnataka market to dubbed films, which are cheaper for producers than actually making films.

I feel like Pawan Kumar, champion of quality Kannada films, is probably seething over both of these things right now.

* Allegedly there is a Bollywood actress involved in an cricket match-fixing scandal... no word on who it is. Any guesses? My first thought was Ameesha "desperately needs cash and attention" Patel but she seems way too indiscrete for something like this.

* And a couple of directors have been arrested in Chennai for allegedly swindling some rich sucker saying they're going to make a film with his son and then not doing it.

* The Times of India looks at crowd sourcing.

However, this funding process only works for small budget films. For lavish movies made on a budget of `100 crore - `150 crore, this financing process has no relevance. Says Onir, "Crowd sourcing is more for independent film makers. It is not meant for big budget movies with a huge star cast. In any case, why would they even need it? They have production houses financing big names."

* It's been interesting following the interviews of director Rajshree Ojha the last week or so. She really hated Aisha and it seems to have made her bitter against Bollywood, too, which is understandable since Aisha was involved.

“I got many offers for Rom-Coms after Aisha. I waited for a year on a producer-initiated project but that didn't work out. But I am done with that genre. I am working on a road film that I have developed for a long time and have started putting it together. It's in Hindi because I want to reach out to a larger audience."

I wonder if Sonam and Rhea and Team Kapoor are following these interviews, too. As much as I appreciate Rajshree's candor, it feels like she is burning some bridges by airing her dirty laundry in public. Well, if we see that her next is with Vivek Oberoi, we'll know for sure.

* I enjoyed this piece by Aseem Chhabra about appreciating actors in small roles.

What was the name of that terrific actor, the overweight, short man playing the role of a nervous reporter who got the scoop of his life — an interview with Paan Singh Tomar? He was so remarkable sitting on the floor, leaning against a wall, struggling to get up and sit down because of his weight, stuttering as he asked Irrfan Khan’s Tomar questions. All this while Tomar ate a sumptuous meal, topped with hot gulab jamuns, dunked in a bowl of ice cream.

I checked and realised his name was not listed. I asked UTV to send me press notes on the film. They sent me a brief email that listed the main actors. But there was no mention of this actor. There was no detailed cast and crew listing, the kind that I am used to receiving from Hollywood and American independent films.

This happens to me with nearly every review I write! I've been known to pause the credits on a DVD so I can write down the names of actors whose performances I enjoyed.

* Kochadaiyyan is going to JAPAN! EEEE!

A source said, "For some reason the Japanese like to watch Rajni fighting and dancing on screen."

That reason is the same reason I like to watch Rajni fighting and dancing on screen - he rocks.

* The film that unleashed a slew of crappy rom-coms upon unsuspecting audiences is getting a completely unnecessary sequel. Yes, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 2 is in the works.

According to sources, the film's writer-director Abbas Tyrewala, who has been lying low since the failure of his 2010 romcom Jhootha Hi Sahi, was initially hesitant to carry Jaane Tu forward. "There has been tremendous curiosity about the lives of all those friends from college who got hitched with one another. How did their lives turn out after college?

I will wager a million dollars that this ends up being a movie version of Friends. Let's see... we'll start with "Rats" (vomit) and "Meow" (double vomit) having been broken up for some reason and end the film with a wedding. In between will be witty banter and selfish upper middle class young adults trying to "find themselves."

* I love these stories recently where the media spins stories so that it seems like Salman gives two shits about what Shahrukh is up to. According to the media, Salman has declared that Bebo is too good for a remixed item song for Dabangg 2... because you know she did a remix for Don.

According to a source Salman shot down the proposal of remixing an old cabaret hit like Yeh Mera Dil. "Salman personally sat for the 'music sitting' to conceptualise the item song. He's got music directors Sajid-Wajid to compose a track that will make Kareena dance like a dream.

I suppose dragging Don into things adds more drama than simply reporting that Salman has gotten personally involved in the creation of Bebo's item for Dabangg 2.


thediva_1 said...

About Abbas Tyrewala...did he end up getting that interview with him a couple of months back?

Filmi Girl said...

I did and I actually have a word document of q's he answered. We were supposed to do a follow-up but scheduling proved tricky... I should dust that off...

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