Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Gossip - LADIES DAY!

GOOD MORNING! Sorry for missing a post yesterday but "somebody" had too much fun partying after the Salim-Sulaiman concert on Friday night and was feeling poorly yesterday. (Hmm... now who could it be?)

* Excel Entertainment is hosting a screenwriting contest. Can you do better than Game? Give it a try! They need all the help they can get.

* Tehelka explains why films don't flop financially anymore.

To make sense of what has turned moviemaking into a safe bet, one must go back to the early 2000s when corporatisation began to take root. As the suits came into an industry that was in the hands of suspect financiers and mafia, a much-needed streamlining of the process of distribution and marketing took place.

* Devika Bhagat talks about writing female characters.

I have been guilty in my screenwriting career of creating these archetypes and more. Sitting in a room across from a male director and/or producer, it’s been tough to hold my own. When an industry is ruled and controlled by men, it’s an eventuality that the women characters are an extension of what men wish or desire women to be. By creating these characters, they somehow make sense of the mysterious female species or rather how they would prefer it to be.

* A look at porn in India.

Today India is standing at the threshold of accepting pornography as fait accompli. Pornstar Sunny Leone’s entry into Bigg Boss created quite a flutter. Her reaction to her profession has been rather nonchalant: “I’ve been doing adult porn for 10 years. In this duration I’ve met a whole lot of people: Those who like me, those who dislike me for what I am and what I do, or those who hate or appreciate my choice of profession.”

* Kathryn Bigelow is filming in Chandigarh for a film on Osama bin Laden. (Shabana Azmi is rumored to feature.) Her set was attacked by the right wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad party. And I'm not sure if I posted this already but Shiv Sena is protesting Tezz.

* Read about the female film editors working in Bollywood!

While her real space is “films that explore complicated relationships”, it is not incorrect to say that some of Bajaj’s best work has been on Kashyap’s films, after the two parted ways in 2006 after a long courtship but a brief marriage. “The last six years have been an amazing journey. I had given up on myself when Nikhil Advani approached me for Salaam-e-Ishq. The film helped me make important decisions and ever since, I have enjoyed every moment of my work.”

* Is it me or is Deepika only cast for her Bollywood celebrity these days? She's rumored for Jaya's role in the Zanjeer remake.

* Sonam is rumored for another South film.

* Madhuri is too good for bit roles in Hollywood films and she knows it.

* I didn't realize that Yash Chopra's new film was a period piece set in the 1990s... Did somebody say Phir Bhi Dil Hai NRI?

* Aamir refuses to participate in the Walk of Fame.

* It's JAL! Hello, Jal!

Is there any collaboration with any artist from India or any other country for album?

Not exactly, but we are looking forward to few Bollywood faces for two videos to be shot in India.

Will the faces be someone like Katrina or Kareena?

(Laughs) I wish, I can shoot one with Katrina but this time around,the production company is onsidering names of model-turned-actors from Bollywood. Both the songs will be like "Aadat" or "Woh Lamhe", which were huge hits in the Indian market.

* Jaya and Amitabh have shot a Holi song for a Bhojpuri film called Gangadevi.

* Can we stop hassling Aishwarya Rai about her weight now? If she wants to take a hiatus and enjoy her baby, just let her. She's under no obligation to lose her baby weight immediately.

Most women don't go from pregnant to Angie Jolie in two weeks after they have a baby.

* Little Kanika Tiwari from Agneepath doesn't know how to deal with the new fame and is upset at things being posted about her online.

* Prepare for re-launch... Adhyayan Suman is trying again in a daddy backed film. His co-star is one of Imtiaz Ali's cast-off's - Giselli Monterio.

* Is there no place for Johnny Lever in today's Bollywood?

“Most filmmakers, who offer me roles say ‘Johnny bhai, come on the sets and do what you feel like.’ That isn’t the way I like to work,” he says, adding, “I have done it in the past, but, of late, I don’t like it. If I get a well-defined role and properly etched scenes, then I feel motivated to perform better. I prefer improvising, rather than creating comedy out of thin air.”

Press conference for Shootout at Wadala... okay, I'm officially HYPED UP! I'm ready to trade romance for some good old-fashioned ultra violence!


anitarama said...

Wait how can the Yash Chopra film take place in the 1990s I thought they had an iPod in that first movie still haha

In Liebe, Indien said...

* I didn't realize that Yash Chopra's new film was a period piece set in the 1990s... Did somebody say Phir Bhi Dil Hai NRI?

^Right? It´s like DDLJ all over again. Someone must tell them that it´s 2012 and that Shahrukh´s now old enough to play Simran´s father.

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