Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Gossip!

Guess what I saw this weekend? KAHAANI! I wanted to take some time to think over my review instead of just writing something quick, so I'll be posting it tonight. My short take - yes, it lives up to the hype. But then I always believed in Sujoy Ghosh, as you can read in my lengthy praise of Aladin.


* Kahaani has done better than expected at the box office, thanks to positive word of mouth.

* Meet the utterly delightful Parambrata Chatterjee, Vidya's "heroine" in Kahaani.

* This is kind of interesting... an organization called "Mumbai Mantra," which is tied to the Sundance Institute, hosted a script writing contest where 8 winners would have their scripts developed.

While the committee that went through the scripts had a handful of Bollywood names on it, only one of the "creative advisors" to the project works in Bollywood - Anjum Rajabali, writer of such gems as Aarakshan. The rest are all middlebrow Hollywood types. I would question if these people really had the ability to select film scripts that would work with Indian audiences.

The author of the article apparently agrees with me and added this delightful tag to the piece:

It’s an admirable initiative indeed and bodes well for Indian cinema. But let’s hope that Mumbai Mantra learn that filmmaking is very different from making tractors. Their recent track record is none too good. They produced the dire flops Aao Wish Karein, Acid Factory and Sorry Bhai. However, their biggest disaster was in Hollywood when they co-produced Shakespeare adaptation The Tempest, budgeted at US$20 million. Total worldwide gross for the film was under US$400,000.

* How can anybody take ANYthing Subhash Ghai says about scriptwriting seriously. The man is responsible for Yaadein and Yuuvraaj.

"It is true that Mukta Arts does not make movies of late because there are no good scripts. But, it is only 70 per cent
of the reason. I am busy with my film institute and that takes up all the time," he told reporters on the sidelines of an event.

So, using logic, if Ghai uses horrible scripts for his films and he says that there is nothing out there to tempt him, then there must be lots of scripts that the rest of us would judge worthwhile but he sees as horrible.

* It's so kind of Anubhav Sinha to make me a film just for my Box Office Poison feature! Nothing succeeds following up a film rejected by audiences with something in a similar style and nothing succeeds like underwater action movies - just ask the makers of Blue!

* Related: The world does not need a sequel to Ra.One.

While making a sequel to commercially hit movies has been a trend in Bollywood, the industrywallahs feel that a sequel to RA.One, that was not such a big hit may not be a good idea. “I am not sure how many filmmakers would be interested in a sequel to a film that has not done well. It’d be challenging to take forward a story that has not worked earlier,” says director Rajkumar Gupta. Trade analyst Atul Mohan agrees. “It’s a bad idea to think of making a sequel of a movie that was not a big hit.” Producer Ramesh Taurani adds: “More than being a big hit, it is important for the film to be appreciated so that a sequel can be made.”

Why is Shahrukh doubling down on this idea?! Just take the money and run, dude.

* Saif Ali Khan is returning to live performance...

* Abhay Deol explains that he is not feuding with Emraan Hashmi, contrary to press reports.

* Meet National Award winner Girish Kulkarni, who seems like a really good guy!

"Yeh Girish kaun hai, Atul Kulkarni ka bhai?" a prominent Bollywood director wonders.

* Zarine Khan says no more item songs and if reports of her getting harassed by audiences at a private performance are true, I don't blame her.

* Bips turns down the item song in Zilla Ghaziabad. Zarine had previously turned it down, too.

* Maybe the makers of the film can hire Maryam! Here she talks Agent Vinod.

What was the experience of working with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor like?

I had a great time working with both of them. I had met Saif before, when we were shooting for a TV commercial. He is a thorough gentleman and he didn’t let me feel like an outsider. When I first met Kareena, I thought ‘Oh my God, she looks way prettier when she hasn’t applied any make up’. She has been very nice to me and it was a pleasure doing the mujra number with her.

* Is Ajay Devgn taking over the remake of Traffic?

* Apparently that American musical TV show Smash is going to have a Bollywood song... I can only dread what horrific noise American showtunes composers think is "Bollywood." I'm calling an overdose of sitar right now.

* Billa 2 release date has been pushed back. I hope we get this film here in the United States... AJITH ON THE BIG SCREEN! The trailer is supposed to be out at the end of March.

* Mumbai Boss runs down the month's fashion magazines for you with delicious snark.

We were just about to sigh with relief at having gotten through a months’ worth of fashion mags with no mention of Tarun T., when HB‘s “A Grand Life” tries to make the connection between the grandness of the issue and the grandness of Tahiliani’s status, which naturally requires the word “grand” to be mentioned, oh only about 35 times, in a one-page article.

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