Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Gossip!

Very sad news today - actor Joy Mukherjee has passed away.

My sympathies to his family.

More news under the cut...

Kahaani has been getting great reviews but I'm avoiding them so I don't spoil myself for the film... but I absolutely don't mind spoiling myself for Tusshar Kapoor's film! Because there is nothing I enjoy more than reading half-star reviews.

There isn’t much of anything close to an interesting screenplay. The jokes fall flat and all that remains is noise, lots of it. The director’s brief seems pretty clear — “Talk as loudly as you can and we can all look funny. That way they’ll get confused and laugh anyway”.Sorry boss. Doesn’t work. Irritates and is off-putting. Add to all this, gaudy sets, costumes, unnecessary twists, Tusshar Kapoor.

I love that Tusshar gets lumped in with "costumes" and "unnecessary twists" as part of what's really irritating about the film.

* The LA Times has a nice blog on Raj Singh, who runs one of the local desi movie theaters.

It's different here than it was in Kashmir, Singh says. In America, his customers want to see love stories. "American people are far from their families," he explains.

* John Abraham has been sentenced to 15 days in jail but then has been granted bail.

* Govinda is getting arrested... in his next film!

* Official title for Yash Chopra's Phir Dil Bhi NRI is... London Ishq.

Dabangg 2 starts filming today! As does Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

* Back off aspiring screen writers, Farhan Akhtar's eleven year old daughter is writing a script. Well, it has to be better than Game.

* Madhavan will be starring in Tanu Weds Manu 2... it's self-explanatory but the link is worth clicking on for the worst picture ever of Maddy.

* Kiran Rao talks women directors.

As a filmmaker, I aspire to create some memorable women characters. I don't agree with the notion that female directors only make women-oriented films. Take Farah Khan or Reema Kagti. I think women filmmakers make films with more interesting women characters. But that's about it.

* And talking about female directors, Rajshree Ojha is on a campaign to disavow Aisha, which even she admits sucked, in preparation for her next release.

All said, Rajshree seems to have learnt her lesson. “When we decided to do an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, there were many layers to the character. However, I don’t know where those layers vanished. So while doing Chaurahen, I was very clear that there would be no compromise this time around. I’ve made Chaurahen exactly the way I wanted to. While I had no money this time, I sure had the freedom to do what I wanted,” she says emphatically.

New song promo for Bebo Throws A Bone to Saifu By Working On His Vanity Project aka Agent Vinod.

Trailer for John Abraham's home production Vicky Donor... which looks much better than I expected! This could actually be entertaining in a Judd Apatow kind of way.


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