Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Gossip!

Good morning!!!!

Last night I was finally able to watch Saheb Biwi aur Gangster on Netflix streaming. I highly recommend it if you've got Netflix - I'll try to post a review up sometime soon, since there was a lot of good stuff to talk about in that film. (Like how adorable is Deepal Shaw?!)

Anyways... news!

* Siddharth Roy Kapur speaks on the decision to fine regional film associations for trying to protect their markets.

“This judgement by the CCI will stand out as a landmark event in the history of the Indian film industry. It unshackles producers and distributors from the draconian and archaic bylaws of defunct associations, driven by vested interests.

The crowing in Bollywood over this makes me uncomfortable. Bollywood has so much more money than the regional industries and this seems like little more than bullying on their part. Is there really that much of a market for the dubbed version of Tusshar Kapoor's latest film in Bangalore that it was necessary to do this? Won't they just earn bad will in the regional industries?

I'll be curious to see how this all goes down... and if the effect will be more from Tamil and Telugu films flooding places like Kerala and Karnataka than Hindi films making any inroads in the South.

* Riya Sen speaks some truths at the book launch of Neeta Shah's "Bollywood Striptease," which apparently I need a copy of.

“I have read my own interviews where people have quoted me when I have not even spoken to that journalist. I don’t sit and cry or howl or say I am running away from India or world,” said Riya, who is daughter of the yesteryears actress Moon Moon Sen.

* Noted striptease enthusiast Ashmit Patel is also back in the news - appearing opposite Veena Malik in Supermodel.

* Fardeen Khan has been granted relief in his drug case.

* Kajal Agarwal to star opposite Akshay Kumar! That should be a great pairing...

* Aditya Pancholi heads South to play villain opposite Venky.

* Govinda is starting his own production company for his daughter. Say what you want but it's kind of nice to see a father going all out for his daughter.

* Meanwhile, Prateik Babbar explained how he accidentally entered Bollywood and then accidentally got himself some leading roles - an admission sure to make all those talented strugglers out there who have worked their whole lives to get on screen feel like shit.

* The addiction to foreign models has struck Ram Gopal Verma... it's contagious, apparently.

According to sources close to the film, the [Brazilian] model, who has changed her name to Nathalia Kaur, has impressed Ramu so much that he has decided to hone her talent in his next venture. In fact, he has offered her the lead role making her the director's latest muse.

* There have been some nasty rumors going around about Joker and how Akshay got furious when he saw a rough cut - rumors that Shirish Kunder denies but that probably have some truth to them. Here's the thing, Shirish Kunder makes films that are perfect for me and a handful of others like me who enjoy the combination of commercial entertainer with oddball art film, heavy on the oddball. I'm sure that Joker will flop because it's most likely going to be too weird for mainstream audiences but I'm equally sure that it's going to be an AWESOME film.

* Aisha director Rajshree Ojha talks about her new film.

I studied film at NYU (New York) and at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, after which I came back to India, brimming with ideas to make films about us Indians. Indian films seemed to be changing and I came with a film in hand — Chaurahen.

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dunkdaft said...

oh yes, Saheb Biwi aur Gangster is such an awesome movie that i would recommend any day.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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