Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Gossip - PUNCHGATE EDITION!

Forget Slapgate (no, really, forget it) because our good friend Browlift McGee is in hot water with the law for something a bit more serious... also, a tease of a teaser and a few more tidbits from around the Internet! Let's get reading!

* No surprise to anyone who has followed Saif Ali Khan for more than a week - he was arrested for punching somebody in the face.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight Tuesday when Saif, along with his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and some other friends, was sitting in the Wasabi Restaurant at the Taj Mahal Hotel. Disturbed by their ruckus, the patron, Iqbal Sharma requested them to keep their voices down. Apparently enraged by this, Saif allegedly punched Sharma on the face, reportedly breaking his nose.

* John Abraham's 2006 unsafe biking case is still dragging on.

* Gopichand is caught up in some tragic family drama as the father of the woman he was to marry committed suicide when he called the wedding off.

* The Bollywood strike has been called off!

* Is it Bebo for the Karan Johar-Ekta Kapoor co-production?

* A little tribute to the "wedding film" genre of Sooraj Barjatya.

* More information on the upcoming Vidya Balan-Emraan Hashmi starrer Ghanchakkar!

* Sunny Leone in an item song for Department? I certainly don't doubt that Ram Gopal Verma has been trying to get her for something but I wish directors would cast item girls WHO CAN DANCE instead of item girls who just gyrate around in trashy outfits.

* I'll be curious to see what Vishal Bhardwaj can do with Wet Noodle Imran Khan.

Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola is going to be the most dramatically different character I've played on celluloid. It is a whole new experience for me. I've spent my career so far working with new debutant directors. I mean a young team of people in production too. But here, I am working with an experienced and a seasoned director. So it brings a whole different perspective on a director actor relationship.

* Salman Khan shot a Cuban tourism ad.

* So... Yash Chopra's new film is going to star Shahrukh Khan and takes place in the UK? Is it 1995 in here or is it just me? The only difference now is that Shahrukh is old enough to be both of his heroines' father. This has disaster written all over it.

* Speaking of disastrous films, check out Danny's Black History Month review of My Name Is Khan.

He encounters, first in India and then when he emigrates to the United States, a good deal of anti-Muslim prejudice that basically takes the form of people marching up to him and going “I AM PREJUDICED AGAINST YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A MUSLIM. HAVE YOU ANYTHING TO DO OR SAY THAT SHALL REVEAL ME TO BE FOOLISH IN MY PREJUDICE, MR. KHAN?” And when it's expedient for the plot, he does.

Tease of a teaser for "Anarkali Disco Chali" from Housefull 2. This song alone should be worth the cost of a movie ticket.

I haven't seen much on Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi but anything involving Ranvir Shorey is worth checking out.

Is it me or does "Jo Tere Sang" just sound very 2006? Still, I cannot wait to see Blood Money! KUNAL KHEMU = THE BOMB IN THE COLLEGE!

Do you need a quick cheer up Telugu-style? This is from Solo which came out last year and I know nothing about but I like this song!

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maxqnz said...

How fun it would be if the allegations that they are neighrbours turns out to be true, and the whole thing is nothing more than an Agent Vinod publicity stunt, a feeble attempt to one-up the TNLHG shaadi! :)

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

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