Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Gossip!

The final word on Slapgate goes, as it should, to Salman Khan.

He said, "I am filming in Cuba. I am not using my phone here. I haven't called anyone and no one has called me. If you are printing this also say hello to my mom and dad." And the line went dead.


And onto the news!

* Is anybody in Norway? The Tamil Film Festival is gearing up! The list of films was announced and there are some good ones, including Ko!! I wish I could attend, too.

* In case you need more dramz, Pinkvilla compiled Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillai's tweets from Filmfare night. Enjoy the butthurt!

The ones who didn't turn up, will not even dignify with names.But will deffo remember them with affection at the time of their film releases

Nice, dude. Classy.

How much does it take to attend one function a year. Filmfare plays agony uncle, supports your good/lousy films. And you sulk

Ah... you can take the "Best Comedian" and "Best Villain" categories out of the Filmfare Awards but you can't take the comedian and villain out of the Filmfare Awards.

Or something.

(It's early - that's the best I can do right now!)

* Akshay Kumar is producing regional films? Um... good luck, Akshay!

* Ek Main aur Ekk Tu is no longer being compared to Woody Allen but to Jab We Met.

Remember Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met? In 2007, the Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor starrer went on to become a blockbuster. Now, around five years later, Imran Khan feels his upcoming Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is very similar to the hit rom-com.

Right... I'll believe that when I see it... which I won't because this movie looks extremely boring. If the trailer can't sustain my interest for 90 seconds, what hope does the film have? Good luck with trying to backtrack on the "Our movie is like Hollywood... NO WAIT AUDIENCES COME BACK IT'S LIKE BOLLYWOOD! IT'S LIKE BOLLYWOOD!"

And you have to wonder if Imran Khan actually believes what he's saying or if he's blowing smoke.

Would you like to do more of the kind of cinema championed by Abhay Deol who has steered away from traditional Bollywood fare?

Abhay and I have very strongly differing opinions on this. Abhay is actually a very close friend of mine and it is a hot topic of discussion whenever we meet. Abhay is militantly anti-mainstream. He is like, “No, man you’ve got to fight the system.”

I have always been about balance. When I do a film like Mere Brother Ki Dulhan which is a classic, mass commercial entertainer it gives me the kind of currency to make a film like Delhi Belly. When I do a film like Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu which is again in the more classic, commercial space, it gives me the leeway to do what I am doing next.

But the marketing team just spent the last month telling us Ek Main WASN'T your classic commercial entertainer... and wasn't Delhi Belly filmed WAY before Mere Brother Ki Dulhan was even a glimmer in Yash Raj Film's eye? What are you even talking about, Imran?

* Manisha Koirala's difficult personal life is delaying her films. I'm really looking forward to Elektra so I hope that does work out.

* Trouble on the Zilla Ghaziabad sets over non-payment of union dues.

* Siddharth Roy Kapur talks about UTV's upcoming year.

How many sequels are you doing apart from Race 2?

We are considering a sequel to Raajneeti. It may start this year or next year, but it depends on dates of the actors. The actors are excited about it but right now it is just an idea in our and (writer-director) Prakash Jha’s mind. But we definitely want to make Raajneeti 2.

I'm sure it's a cynical calculation - especially after the failure of Aarakshan - but Raajneeti 2 could actually be interesting. Especially if it follows Katrina Kaif's character. I wonder if that's what they are thinking... to capitalize on this strong female lead trend.

* Vidya Balan thinks I'm great, says Priyanka Chopra. Ha ha ha! Sure, PC. I'll wait to hear it from Vidya herself. (And as long as I'm being catty, read about the wives club freezing out Priyanka)

Lastly, if I'm reading the article correctly, Udumban is in trouble over potentially illegal use of a monitor lizard? Hmm... I hadn't heard of the film before but it looks interesting.


Sal said...

Vidya actually said it. She talked about how Priyanka is her favorite among the current actresses. It's on TOI somewhere. I know - I was surprised too.

June ♥ JA said...

Sal, I wouldn't believe anything TOI prints. They are prone to inventing "quotes"!

Sal said...

Haha, agreed. I usually sound their quotes out for how credible they sound or wait for a denial from the star in question.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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