Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Gossippppp!

Both Jodi Breakers and Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya have officially flopped. To quote Taran Adarsh: "I don't know what it is but no one really came into the theatres to see the films."

Let me speculate that a) people are tired of romances and b) neither of the films were mind-blowing.

As for me, I'm ready for some dishoom-dishoom. Whose brilliant idea was it to pack February with one soppy romance after another?! Sigh.

* Javed Akhtar thinks these kids today just don't understand poetry. He's probably right but it makes him sound like a cranky old man.

As far as the younger generation is concerned, they have forgotten it cause it was never a part of an education system and their environment. The understanding of the craft is a bit limited.

* Here's a fun article on Baburao Ladsaheb's Five Star Acting Classes.

A school dropout from Ratnagiri, Ladsaheb started his career 25 years ago as a signboard painter who moonlighted as a rent-a-dancer at political and religious rallies. Several Marathi plays, 15 Bhojpuri films, a music video, small roles in Hindi films and one self-produceddirected Marathi film later, he became the man Amitabh Bachchan's AB Corps and filmmakers like Danny Boyle go to when looking to cast beggars, drunkards and slumdwellers.

"I supplied the beggars in Slumdog Millionaire , the jhopadpatti residents in Paa and an extra in Kaminey. Observe their facial expressions and body language , they were handpicked from hundreds," he says pointing out to the acting curriculum , displayed on a giant signboard. One of the gems: "Prem ke nav ras (Nine formulae for screen romance."

* Here is a film I won't be seeing under any circumstances - Abhinay Deo teaming up again with Excel Entertainment. Look, fool me once, shame on you (aka Game) - fool me twice, shame on me.

* Oh ho ho! Priyanka Chopra banned from Koffee With Karan? Are we seeing Priyanka's career imploding right in front of our faces? What does she have coming up? Barfee, that Kunal Kohli film, and... Krrish? Not a Khan film in sight...

* Meanwhile, Bebo is doing an item in Dabangg 2.

* Is there anything more horrifying than a mid-40s lover boy? Did Shahrukh learn NOTHING from Rishi and his sweaters in the early 1990s?!

* Aamir Khan is getting rock bands to play at the end of each episode of his new television show.

* Subhash Jha takes a look at marketing.

Ghai feels the film industry needs to create a balance between the product and the expectations built around it. "Over-promotion by stars can kill a reasonably good product. On release, audiences rush in and feel cheated if a bad product is aggressively promoted. That's the initial draw. But true success of a movie is measured on Monday and Tuesday. In the 1980s and '90s Tuesday's afternoon show was the true barometer of a film's

New trailer for Kahaani...

And madame Malaika grooves in "Anarkali Disco Chali"!


Melanie said...

Is it me or is Kareena getting all the intersting work ??
With Aishwarya on maternity leave (come back soon please!!) and Priyanka being rejected from everywhere, it doesn't leave any other choice than enrolling Bebo to do the work! (which makes me sad cuz I'm not particularely a fan of hers...but anyway...)
Why don't they give their chance to Rani or Preity instead?? LOL

maxqnz said...

What about Chitrangda? I hope her DB appearance will give her a bigger profile and maybe we get to see her in a lead again

Melanie said...

Yeah well of course! I just said Rani and Preity but any other lead is welcome...It's like we are running short of leading ladies! (appart from Kareena and Katrina, not a lot of choices indeed...)
And Sonam and Deepika aren't really impressive...

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