Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

Sunday gossip!! The most important bit is... a longer version of Bebo's "mujra" has been released! Yay!

* This is an interesting piece on Hindi film companies moving into the South - for as much as it doesn't say, as what it does.

Shajesh V heads a film marketing firm in Chennai that also deals in film production, distribution and strategising release. He’s not surprised by the entry of Hindi film producers in the regional market. “It makes complete business sense. A big-budget Hindi film, on an average, costs roughly Rs50 crore. Even if it does well, and earns Rs70-80 crore, the margin of profit is not that high. A big-budget Tamil film, on the other hands costs Rs25 crore or, at most, Rs30 crore. Even if it makes Rs50 crore at the box office, the returns are doubled.” Shajesh goes a step further to say that an expensive Tamil film starring Rajinikanth has higher chances of returns as compared to an equally expensive Shah Rukh Khan film. “Robot and RA.One are perfect examples.”

Yeah... I don't think it's the language that is the issue here but the TYPE OF FILM being made for each market. In theory, you could make a 50 crore film for the Tamil market that was shot in Las Vegas and is "on par with Hollywood" and get the same kinds of returns those types of Hindi films see - but what would be the point?

* Some sad Bollywood history with Guru Dutt and Meena Kumari.

Mr and Mrs Dutt didn’t live happily. Fights were frequent. Guru Dutt was still a struggling filmmaker, his wife a star singer, and media speculation was rife that he’d married her for her money. Their house was always crowded with friends who dropped in for meals and stayed on while her introverted husband escaped to the farmhouse in Lonavala or immersed himself in work.

* Read an interview with Mithun Chakraborty.

You are known to be a very fussy actor. Will you explain?

Let me correct that. I am an extremely irritating actor for the director. I barrage him with so many questions about the history, geography, emotional and social mapping of the film and the character I am to portray. My questioning does not seem to stop. It is the only way I can concentrate and focus on the character. I believe it is vital for an actor to know where the character is headed in the film. Directors familiar with my way do not mind. I am sure I must be driving the others crazy.

* And Kalki Koechlin should give some smiles to movie lovers.

"I find that a lot of times what`s wrong with commercial cinema is not the subject, but how when people are making an action film they end up putting `gyaan` in it. It`s not going to work," Kalki, 28, said. "A lot of people are still very confused when they write a script. They put a very serious subject and a light subject together. They try to put everything into one film to try to please everyone," said the actress who picks ‘Dabangg’ as one of her favourite masala films.

* Koko is coming off of maternity leave!

* Shakti Kapoor's son is debuting as a gangster in Shootout at Wadala. Mothers, lock up your daughters!

* I feel very sorry for all the Shahrukh Khan fans in Berlin who don't get to see their favorite hero!!

* This is why we need cultural bomb thrower Ram Gopal Varma around... whether I want to watch his films is a different story.

When we say, 'Let's protect children from porn' we are just being stupid. Children neither understand nor get aroused by porn. They should instead be protected from violence and abuse. And for that a more legitimate moral sanctioning of pornography is needed. Once we legalise porn, there will be less depravity and unnatural crime against children and women."

And the "mujra" from Agent Vinod aka Yet Another Film I'm Only Interested In Because Of Bebo. Old Browlift McGee in his beret is just sad looking. Don't celebs realize that plastic surgery doesn't make you look YOUNGER, they still look old but now they look old and rich enough to afford plastic surgery.

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