Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

Not much happening in gossip today - I guess all the film writers are too busy picking apart Aishwarya Rai's diaper changing habits.... still, I pulled up some nice song trailers for you!

Also, I was really excited to get an e-mail from Kannadastore announcing that Super was coming soon... only to find out that it was on VCD. NOOOO! When am I getting my English subtitled DVD?! WHEN?!

* Shakira to star in Bangladeshi film?

The movie, which will also be shot in Dover and London, is a musical about how desire plays havoc with people’s lives.
It is understood Shakira has been asked to play the role of Desire. Mishra said the singer was impressed with the soundtracks of previous films he had worked on with Nirjhar. Shakira is expected to start recording the soundtrack with the London Philharmonic Orchestra next month.

* Mika Singh is working on a film about his life.

* Shanghai is coming with Talash and Rowdy Rathore... good luck, Emraan!

* And there will be a documentary on Yesudas.

Since there isn't much news... how about some trailers?

"Kunwara" from Jodi Breakers, in which we learn that white ladies love Maddy. Fact.

"I'll Do The Talking" from Agent Vinod... I'm still not feeling this movie and this item looks like it was imported directly from Players.


"Nenape Nenapayithu" from Sankranthi

Ravi Teja in Nippu

"Diyalo Diyala"... an oldie but goodie!

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