Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Gossip!

Well... it seems Jodi Breakers has gotten some terrible reviews. AND it also seems that the Ritesh-Genelia film has overtaken it at the box office.

Which one am I going to see tomorrow (if any)? I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll give Johny Mera Naam on Home Talkies a go instead. Two poorly reviewed rom-coms or Ramya doing her best "Sheila Ki Jawaani"... decisions, decisions...

I know one thing I won't be watching is The Oscars. For all the talk that goes on in the Bollywood film press about how Bollywood awards should be more like The Oscars - Hollywood people are talking about how to make The Oscars more relevant. To include ideas like adding a "Best Comedy" category. Hmm... now, what was it the "just like Hollywood" Filmfare Awards got rid of... "Best Comedian"?

In all honesty, the films that The Oscars celebrate tend not to be films I'm interested in. I loved Midnight In Paris and I'd probably enjoy something like Moneyball or The Artist if I saw them but I don't feel any pressing need to go out of my way to see these films. And I think that's okay.

* Irrfan Khan talks to The New York Times.

“It will take time before Hollywood is free to write a story about an Indian guy, unless it’s about the dark side of India, like Slumdog, ” Mr. Khan said, referring to Danny Boyle’s 2008 Oscar-sweeping movie Slumdog Millionaire, in which he played a detective who interrogates a young pauper he suspects of cheating on a game show. “They don’t want to see a normal India,” he added, his voice barely above a whisper. “That’s not the shock value they have to have.”

* Saif Ali Khan is doubling down on the poor little rich boy routine.

"I was the one who was hit first and abused and I reacted in self-defence. I agree violence is not the answer and I apologize to my fans. I know celebrities need to set an example but not in a million years, will I raise hand on a senior citizen and what hurts most is that people believe it."

Um... maybe people believe it because you've done it before?

* Lata Mangeshkar is going to sing for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next film. Hopefully not for the heroine.

* Mahie Gill talks about her appeal.

"A lot of my directors tell me that I have a very innocent face. So when with an innocent face you play a character with negative shades, it looks even more interesting," said Mahie.

* Shazahn Padamsee is so desperate, you can almost see it wafting off the computer screen.

"I have such a long way to go. I am so young and have to be a part of the industry for so many years. I'll do multi-starrers, I'll do films with many people...Now you see even the stars doing multi-starrers. The world is my oyster; I don't look for anything solo or multi-starrer," Shazahn told IANS.

* The script for Heroine was located ONLY in one place - the scriptwriter's laptop. Guess what happened when that laptop was stolen from the scriptwriter's car.

Nothing but trouble for Heroine...

Preity Zinta is in France and it looks like this mythical comeback film might actually exist!! The saddest part of this clip is seeing Preity all bubbly and happy in her prime. I miss Preity.


Melanie said...

The Artist is really a great movie! I can only advice you to watch it if you have the chance... :)) (and I'm not saying that because I'm French but because it's true...^_^)

Oh and in the French clip they say Preity is the third biggest Indian miss the time when it was actually the case! Also I would like to know who are the two first...^^ haha! Anyway it's nice to see her in the French media! And Isabelle Adjani, who plays her mother in the film, is a HUGE star in France, the best actress we have...

KimT said...

My French is not as good as I though it was! Thanks, Melanie, for the translation about Isabelle Adjani. That blows my mind that they would be playing mother and daughter (in a good way!). Queen Margot is one of my favorite films of all time!

I thought the Irfaan Khan NY Times piece was really nicely done. Makes me want to watch In Treatment again...I only watched the first season.

maxqnz said...

" Lata Mangeshkar is going to sing for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next film. Hopefully not for the heroine."

Wow, the amount I'd have to paid to endure the torture of another SLB film just went WAAAY up. :)
I guess it depends who's doing the music, ARR used her age appropriately in both Lagaan and RDB, but they were both some time ago, so it would be interesting to see who she sings for in this.

Melanie said...

@KimT You're welcome! Actually I was surprised too because she hasn't done a lot of movies in France lately so if she accepted this one, maybe it's because it's actually good! (fingers crossed)
And yes she is mindblowing in Queen Margot! I love this actress...I'm glad she has a fan in you!!

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