Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Imran Khan is the only one out promoting Ek Main aur Ekk Tu, since Kareena Kapoor (obviously) has better things to do; starlets drop in and out of projects; Ameesha Patel would like us to know she exists; and good old Arnie didn't quite realize what he was getting into on this trip to India.

* Sad news first - filmmaker Raj Kanwar has passed away.

* Interview in the New York Times with Anupama Chopra who doesn't bother to challenge anything he says.

You are Bollywood’s go-to guy for romantic comedies. So, as an actor, do you have to consciously make sure that you aren’t repeating your mannerisms or style?

Actually, this one is not a romantic comedy. It is a slice-of-life, coming-of-age story. Shakun Batra, as a director, is deeply influenced by directors like Wes Anderson and Woody Allen. So the film, in its tone, is closer to Garden State or Annie Hall. I’ve mostly worked with first-time directors, so I find myself self-governing. Since they don’t have much experience in working with actors, my performance is in my hands. And all that I know about acting, I’ve learned on set. I’ve never had a teacher. So there’s a lot of stuff that you figure out hand in hand and a lot of that you figure out yourself.

Somebody didn't tell the marketing team for Ek Main aur Ekk Tu that it's not a romantic comedy and if I was Imran Khan, I wouldn't exactly be bragging about not having any training... maybe he should read my interviews with Omi Vaidya and Pitobash.

I kind of can't wait to see Ek Main aur Ekk Tu flop.

And another interview in which he complains about interviews.

"Most journalists have an exam sheet which comprises - what is your favourite colour, your favourite holiday destination, what you like to do in your free time. This is not an interview, this is a questionnaire. I feel to make a good interview, be it print, radio or TV, it has to be a conversation. Fifty percent of the job is yours, half the job is mine. That is how you make a good interview."

* Chandan Roy Sanyal shows Immi how it's done.

Yes, we've come up with strange promotional campaign for LYTD. It has the lead actress inside the coffin with a dog (laughs). Well, the truth is that I wanted to see her in the coffin. I want to kill her. I play a husband who wants to kill his wife. How he goes about it is what the movie is all about. It's a movie about Mumbai too. LYTD is about War and Gun deals too. It's a comic way to look at a dark movie. I've got a different look too in the movie.

I love this guy!

* Bollywood heroes turn Bollywood villains in recent films...

The new-age villain as portrayed by today's superstars - including Shah Rukh Khan in his Don avatar - has no objective motive but the lust for power and money. He doesn't mind adding an ugly swagger if the role demands as much, showing no remorse or sense of right or wrong whatsoever.

"What is happening now is that crime and criminals are being glorified on the Hindi screen. Heroes taking up roles of villains automatically adds glamour to evil as it is portrayed on screen. Stars often forget they are role models and an impressionable age group gets licence to do whatever they see their stars doing on screen. Till a while ago, even if a star portrayed evil, there was a redeeming feature about the character. That seems to be fading away," says a veteran producer, not wishing to be named.

* The Vigil Idiot is only 23?! I feel old now.

Based out of Delhi, this 23-year-old says that he has no training in graphic designing. “I have my roommates from college helping me with the site design and maintenance, but the actual content is mostly just by me. Most of the things I make fun of come out through conversations I have with friends after seeing a movie, so they deserve some credit,” says Sahil.

* Nandani Ramnath unpacks Bollywood Awards Shows.

Yet most of the categories are imported from the Oscars. It’s time we created categories that reflect the uniqueness of Hindi cinema. No other country will hand out Best Choreography and Best Playback prizes, but there isn’t yet a separate award for “song picturization”, a phrase and a skill unique to popular Hindi cinema.

* Arnold Schwarzenegger hilariously ditches Abhishek Bachchan's award ceremony.

* Lolo is doing an item for Rowdy Rathore!!

* Will it be Sonam Kapoor for Suriya's next film?

* Deepika Padukone dumps Race 2 four days before filming.

* I know somebody who would love that job - Ameesha Patel, who wants everybody to know that she is available for anything.

* And Dilip Kumar posts a video of himself getting his hand impressions taken on his blog. It's really quite adorable!

Love You To Death trailer... ah... if only it was available online for legal streaming. Although reviews are pretty middling - it still looks fun.

Bipasha and the making of "Bipasha"!

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