Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Gossip!

Last night my sister and I watched that all-time classic Valley of the Dolls and do you know what? There were a couple of scenes that clearly had influenced Milan Luthria while making The Dirty Picture and that really amused me. I like the idea of him sitting around watching Neely O'Hara popping dolls and yelling at the world.

And... on to today's news round-up!

* Several of the regional film boards have been hit with a fine for stopping the exhibition of Bollywood blockbusters.

Reliance Big Entertainment, UTV, Eros International and FICCI Multiplex Association of India had complained to CCI that they were forced to follow the diktats of film trade bodies in Karnataka, Bihar, Jharkhand and other Eastern, Northern and Southern states. They had also alleged that Hindi films were boycotted or banned in these states if the Bollywood distributors or producers refused to follow the guidelines set by the regional trade associations.

Somehow, I can't bring myself to feel too sorry for the big boys in Mumbai. Why shouldn't the film boards in the different regions be able to engage in some protectionist activities? A certain degree of protectionism is necessary to protect local industry... as we in the US belatedly realized after NAFTA passed.

* Vijay Galani is taking Salman Khan to court because he claims that Salman has been hassling him over a fee for Veer that has already been paid.

* I found this review from the Los Angeles Times of Jodi Breakers interesting as a contrast to the Indian reviews. The Indian reviews seemed to all dislike the "bold" sexual humor and found the film too dull. The American reviewer dislikes the sound effects and hammy acting (both absolutely standard for a film like this) and doesn't find the sex jokes noteworthy at all.

* You know I don't like twitter stories but this one is too good.

"Interesting to see-read a lot of the media comparing the Oscars to our Indian awards. Most seem to think that we need to improve, raise our standards... Wait a minute... Aren't most of OUR awards run and held by media houses," Abhishek wrote on Twitter.

And then a media outlet dutifully reported it without comment.

Hasn't anybody in the Let's Do It Like The Oscars Camp been following the discussion surrounding the Oscars over here? Our awards ceremonies have their own problems - like poor ratings.

* While I'm willing to give anything starring Vidya Balan the benefit of the doubt, I'm really, really tired of these age-defying films. Rumor has it that Vidya has been cast in Mehrunissa playing the 20-year old and the 60-year old versions of the same character. Just... NO! Why not just cast a 20-year old and a 60-year old? I mean, come on! There are few enough roles of substance for 60-year old women and one of them goes to 30-something Vidya Balan? Not to mention that as gorgeous as she is, Vidya looks like a grown-up woman - not a flitty 20-year old.

AND, as long as I'm ranting, the time switching, age switching, actor playing multiple characters films have just gotten so tedious. How about just telling ONE story without all these stupid gimmicks? Or has Bollywood just fully given into 70s nostalgia?

* Speaking of tedious, does the world really need to see 50-something Sunny Deol romancing Kangana Ranaut all over New York City? I swear that Kangana is like catnip to middle-aged men. They cannot get enough of her - we've seen her with Sanjay Dutt; Ajay Devgn; Bobby Deol; and now Sunny Deol. Who is next? Pervy old Rajesh Khanna?

* Nothing succeeds like success and nothing fails like failure. Shahrukh Khan drops Gautam Menon after Ek Deewana Tha flops.

* John Abraham and Chitrangda Singh together in a film? Won't the celluloid melt from all the beauty? I Me aur Main to release in July.

* Ekta Kapoor remaking DDLJ for television?

* Tanvi Lonkar, one of the girls who played the young Latika in Slumdog Millionaire (both of whom were miles better than Frieda Pinto in the acting department), is entering Tamil films.

"Although I am from Maharashtra and speak Hindi, it's impossible to break into Hindi films because Bollywood prefers people with some film background. But Tamil cinema is different and I am hoping to do more projects here," she said.

* Giselle Monteiro, another casualty of Imitaz Ali's addiction to foreign models, just won't give up, poor thing. She's traded her demure look for item songs in a bid for work.

* I have two words - SONU. SOOD. He's taking over for Vivek Oberoi in Shootout at Wadala.

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