Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Gossip Post!

Nothing I want to see at the theater this weekend... *sigh*

I guess I'll be diving into my pile of DVDs! What do you think? Classic Amitabh film? Something 1990s-tastic? Something from South?

Now for news....

* Filmmaker O.P. Dutta passed away.

* As if there was anything that could get me LESS interested in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, it's comparing it to to of my least favorite films and then saying it's not as smart. And then mentioning the short run time.

Save for a passing acknowledgement to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the sensibility and reference points of Batra's brand of romance, co-written with Ayesha Devitre, are closer to the likes of (500) Days of Summer, Garden State, and Annie Hall, reflecting on interrelated themes like, opposites attract, coming-of-age-aided-by-a-free spirited-girl, modern-day relationships and urban humour.

The writing doesn't have the smarts of the afore-mentioned films or the bite of, say, Farhan Akhtar's contemporary conversation but EMAET's endearing, unassuming quality and refusal to take the run-of-the-mill route, like Dharma's Wake Up Sid, makes it a much better film than I expected to see. What's more? It's barely two hours.

* The BBC unpacks the Subhash Ghai Whistling Woods land story for you.

The court said the government had undervalued the land and gave it away at a concessionary rate to Mr Ghai. "Policies of government provide for grant at a concessional rate to educational institutes, but Mukta Arts [Mr Ghai's film company] is not eligible for it," the judges said.

Given away by Vilasrao Deshmukh, Ritesh Deshmukh's father.

* Sujoy Ghosh talks Kahaani.

"... I have always been fascinated with the change that happens to a woman when she becomes a mother. I have found that the same girl who doesn't know anything, will teach herself everything to protect her family and child. Whether she is a six-foot woman or a demure, petite girl, her mental strength is huge, it's like a button has been pushed. And I wanted to explore that strength and see what would happen if you placed a to-be mother in an alien environment where she doesn't know anything, the place, the language, the people. And Kolkata is less cosmopolitan than Mumbai or Delhi."

* Read an interview with Vipul Shah.

He figured out why the Akshay Kumar–Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer didn’t make money at the box-office: “One of the strongest reasons which was criticised was the way I showed Akshay in the film. His look didn’t go down very well with his fans. They didn’t want to see their favourite actor looking like that. They want him to always look good,” says Shah. “But that’s a chance I took, and it didn’t pay off. Besides that, people will have their own ideas – I won’t believe in some of the theories, but some I will seriously consider. Now that film is gone and over. The fact that people loved it on satellite is some relief, so it wasn’t a complete rejection.”

Yeah... I don't think that is the reason the film didn't do well. I mean, I found it enjoyable enough in a mindless way but Akshay's nerd persona was the least of its troubles.

* Priyanka Chopra's career woes.

Apart from the films she had already committed to over a year ago, there's nothing new coming her way. In fact, besides SRK, none of the senior superstars want to work with her. Says a source, "Salman has had a problem with her ever since God Tussi Great Ho. Akshay Kumar won't work with her. And Aamir Khan does not have an equation with her."

* Abhay Deol is out of Rajkumar Santoshi's film that was to co-star Sonam Kapoor. Bad blood after Aisha?

* Mahesh Babu to go shirtless in an upcoming film?

* Would you like to see a young Tom Alter interview an impossibly young Sachin Tendulkar?

This has-a been-a going-a 'round but I thought it's worth posting again. HOUSEFULL 2!!!!!!! I'm kind of ridiculously looking forward to this.


Jess said...

Confirmed favorite jodi...Akki and John!

pixel pitz said...

It drives me bananas that Hindi film trailers have 30+ seconds of entertainment company logos before they even get into it. This one has 50 seconds!!!

(Laura) said...

I'm assuming you mean 'KKHH' is one of your least favorite movies, but I'm more concerned that they're comparing it to '(500) Days of Summer' which is one of MY least favorite movies of all time.

I didn't really like 'Housefull' but for some reason I can't quite explain, I'm looking forward to 'Housefull 2.'

Filmi Girl said...

@Jess Just don't watch Garam Masala... ;D

@Laura No, I meant 500 Days of Summer and Garden State. ;)))

KKHH is not a favorite but I enjoy it for what it is.

And re Housefull - for me the problem was Lara Dutta, who was so shrill I wanted to smack her every time she came on screen. Thankfully, Housefull 2 has three heroines I love and one I'm indifferent towards. That should make a big difference.

The Long Soliloquy said...

Filmi Girl.
I don't know if i misunderstood your post but did you say 500 days of summer is one of your least favourite films?

If so. WELCOME ABOARD THE anti-500days ship. I am the captain. I've never actually met anyone other than a close friend who hates this film. I have gotten into hour long heated debates over the reasons to dislike 500daysofsummer.

Anyway. Strange comment, i know. But regardless, for the time being i am happy knowing there are other people out there who didn't buy into Marc Webb's garbage.

If i have misinterpreted your post then LOL ignore everything haha.

Filmi Girl said...

@The Long Soliloquy No, you got it right!! To steal from the Ra.One jokes circulating around, I saw 500 Days on an airplane and still wanted to walk out! Talk about a Manic Pixie Dream Girl complex... barf.

Tanveer Parmar said...

Really? No Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu? Awww.. I was looking forward to your review on it :).. I'm going tomo :D

maxqnz said...

Thanks for making me feel OLD by posting that Tom Alter interview with Sachin. It was not long after that that Sachin nearly scored a ton playing for India in a town close to where I live, and you've reminded me how young I was then. :)

As for 500 days, I get the rationale for MPDG distaste, but although I'm a ZD fan and enjoyed the movie a lot, I was rooting for JGL, not her, and got the impression that her character was not intended to be viewed with much sympathy.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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