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Where to LEGALLY STREAM Indian films online!

I'm going to try and keep this updated. I'll put a sticky post on the side bar of the blog so you can easily find this list again. And if you have any sites to add, please let me know! I would like to help people watch Indian films legally and easily!


Languages: Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil
Subtitles: Yes, but not all films are subtitled.
Platforms: PC
Cost: Pay per film, prices range from free to about $3.99
Link: Click here

Filmi Girl says: I haven't used this service and can't speak to the quality but it looks like a LARGE number of Hindi language Eros films are available - from Golmaal 3 to Quarbani - and the prices appear to be reasonable. The regional selections are slim picking, though.


Languages: Bengali, Hindi, Marathi
Subtitles: Yes, but not all films are subtitled.
Platforms: PC, Television, Mobile Device/iPad
Cost: $7.99/Month or you can pay per film
Link: Click here

Filmi Girl says: I haven't used this service but they do seem to have a fair number of older Hindi films. I am on their e-mail list and I can tell you that they seem to specialize in new Bengali films. If that is your thing, you should definitely check this site out!


Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarti
Subtitles: Yes, but not all films are subtitled.
Platforms: PC
Cost: Pay per film. Prices range from free to about $3.99
Link: Click here

Filmi Girl says: I have used this service to pay to watch a film and it works very well. The selection is kind of all over the place and includes some really bottom of the barrel films (Naughty @ 40, anyone?) but there are a mixture of new and old films in a variety of languages. One thing to mention about youtube is that Y-Films, Yash Raj's "youth" division has partnered with youtube and if you are curious to check out their releases, youtube is the place to do so!

ETA: Shemaroo and Rajshri also have dedicated youtube channels with full movies on them.


Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Subtitles: Yes, but not all films are subtitled.
Platforms: TV/iPad/Roku
Cost: $149 per year or $4.99/month for unlimited viewing
Link: Click here

Filmi Girl says: Mela have been really going all out to promote their new iPad ap and do seem to be emphasizing new films - such as The Dirty Picture - and independent films.

And coming soon... HOME TALKIES

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Director Pawan Kumar is spearheading an initiative to bring Kannada language films onto our computer screens! That is something I can get behind.


Languages: Hindi
Subtitles: Yes, but not all films are subtitled.
Platforms: PC
Cost: Free, with commercials
Link: Click here for the canned search that brings up Bollywood movies. Or go to Hulu and look for "musicals" that have "captions."

Filmi Girl says: The selection isn't big but they have Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain... Kaun!. I happen to like the Hulu platform so maybe if enough people demand Bollywood, they'll start getting some more.


Languages: Hindi
Subtitles: Yes.
Platforms: PC and TV
Cost: $7.99 a month
Link: Click here

Filmi Girl says: I actually gave up my Netflix subscription because there wasn't much of interest to me on here but I also have access to many of the big releases in the theater.


Bombay Talkies said...

Netflix has a sizable selection of streaming Hindi and regional films--at one point I had a hundred or so in my queue. Their stream service is $7.99/month or something like that.

Moimeme said...

I'm surprised you missed out the Rajshri youtube channel. They have all their major films (either produced or distributed by them, which includes a lot of good films) in all Indian languages. Thus they have the main Rajshri channel for Hindi, Rajshri Telugu, Rajshri Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, etc. Not only movies, but they also have television programs. You can, for instance, watch the whole of the Mahabharata series on their Hindi channel, as well as watching current serials, talk shows, entertainment news programs, etc. The only drawback is that most of their films and shows do not have English subtitles.

Moimeme said...

I believe Shemaroo also has a youtube channel with a lot of their movies, and they do sometimes have subtitles.

Moimeme said...

Sorry to dribble my comments out in bits and pieces, but my mind I guess isn't fully functional yet. I keep remembering something else as soon as I post a comment!

Both the Rajshri and Shemaroo channels are free. Similarly, there is also a channel called Telugone which also legally shows Telugu films, sometimes with subtitles. The only drawback to them is that, while the full film is on one link, it keeps being interrupted every ten minutes or so for some commercials, which I find very jarring and completely ruining the mood of the movie. If you can put up with that they have a large selection of current and older movies. Again, it's free.

Dr. Dang said... is also legal

Messiah said...

Surprised isn’t listed here cause it provides free High Quality streaming of latest movies on a completely legal platform! I love it!

Yashraj Jalota said...

Another great websites to stream hindi movies legally is

They offer a great range of good hindi movies in HD quality for free.

Dr. Dang said... is another website where you can watch hindi, telugu, tamil and malyalam movies. The movies are free and legal. If you make a contribution then you may be able to see blu-ray content too. The site does not have rights to UTV content.

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