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Wednesday Gossip!

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Today in gossip - assorted nonsense! Salman Khan fans fight back; House Full 2 song leaked; and Filmi Girl must head back into work...

* Blah blah blah... I feel dirty linking to this story about John Abraham (ZOMG) maybe getting married. Honestly, who cares? If there were glossy photos of people in great wedding outfits, yes, I'm there but if he had a small, private wedding - maybe we should respect that and let them keep it private. I do NOT subscribe to the theory that every inch of an actor's life is public business.

* I vaguely remember hearing stories about this before but it's popped up again: New Zealand Film Technicians Guild is not happy about Players.

President of the New Zealand Film Technicians' Guild Alun Bollinger said it took months for invoices to be paid. "There was damage to some locations. They worked 30 something, 32 days on the trot. That's a safety concern in itself," he said.

* A Salman Khan fan steps up to play defense on Koi Moi against everybody's favorite troll Asher Madan. I figured since I linked to his, I should link to this piece as well.

I have personally written letters to many publications requesting them to stop believing that the world is full of only SRK fans and to wake up to the fact that a large number of their readers are fans of other actors also. My letters and my advice are obviously ignored. Media has continued in this fashion for so many years now. Why so? That is for people to think and find out.

I've often wondered at the cozy relationship Shahrukh has with the press. Certainly a large part of it is his natural charisma. Having attended a press event featuring Shahrukh, I can personally testify that he has a magnetic personality and a very quick wit. I think the other part is that he is one of the few actors who actively courts the press... like, a lot... and not just when he has a film coming out. Media people are like any others and they like to be flattered into thinking they are important - and what could make you feel more important than having Shahrukh Khan acknowledge you?

Other stars don't care at all about the media (Salman Khan) or are just uncomfortable with the media (Akshay Kumar) and it shows in their coverage. I bet Salman's coverage would improve significantly if he fed tidbits and soundbites and etc to journalists but he doesn't - and that's why he Salman Khan and that's why I think many of us like him. Who gives a shit about what some hack writing a 350 word piece for the Times of India thinks? He's Salman Khan.

* For example, can you imagine Salman ever feeding a story like this to the press like Kunal Kohli did?

* The producer of Veer is banned from making films until he pays Salman Khan. I don't remember hearing there was trouble there but...

* Here is the kind of pre-film promotion I like to see - HELEN GIVES BIPASHA BASU DANCING TIPS for Jodi Breakers.

* Sanjay Dutt does not want his daughter to get into acting. Possibly because the industry is full of men like Sanjay Dutt.

The 22-year-old was interested in acting but Sanjay didn’t back her. “Absolutely true and underline it 500 times,” Sanjay said about his opposition. “If somebody says give me the reason, I am going to show my finger because she is my daughter.”

* The Hindi remake of Saamy is not happening.

* We get some information on Rajini's new film Kochadaiyaan, which is going to be done using motion capture animation. Hmm...

Another larger than life fact is that Rajini will be playing a long-haired Pandya king known for his legendary valour. This eighth century king had dominated the Cheras, Cholas and Marathas. As in the legend, an animated Rajini will sport the king’s signature long hair in the film. AR Rahman will score the soundtrack as well as the background score. One of the top hit directors in the south, a Rajni regular, KS Ravikumar, will direct the movie.

* Awards show dramzzzzz... the team of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara reportedly boycotted
Colors Screen Awards
to protest, um, some nonsense. Though, honestly, if everybody protested awards shows for nonsense there would be nobody left to attend!!

Awards shows are awards shows... all I know is that it's really touching to see people get nominated and win who never expected it or asked for it. People who were just doing good work.

* Striperella Poonam Pandey has landed a film role. Until further details emerge, I'm speculating that it's opposite Jacky Bhagnani, since every other heroine has turned him down.

* Nanban is not being reported at a more sober 20 crores business.

* Oh Steven, tactful as always! Our Steven delicately handles reports that Preity Zinta agreed to promote Har Pal... with Shiney Ahuja.

Zinta is said to have earlier indicated that her co-actor lacked the star qualities of some of Bollywood's other leading males. Denying the reports, Ahuja added: "As far as I'm concerned, there was never any problem with her. She's a lovely person.

I don't think Preity meant that she was the problem, Shiney.

* Linking for no other reason than I like Makrand Deshpande.

* Business Man 2?

* Pooja Bhatt buys the rights for The Last Salute.

According to a source close to the developments, Pooja has purchased the rights of the book written by Muntazer Al Zaidi - infamous for hurling his shoe at the then president of the United States of America, George W Bush.

Apparently, Pooja decided to make a film based on the book after watching the play, produced by Sandiip Kapur and Bhushan Sharma, last year, in Delhi. The source explained, "After the play, there was a Q&A session and that is when a member from the audience asked Pooja if the subject excited her enough to make a film on it. She felt that if audiences were interested in the subject, then she should give it a shot."

Did you fall in love with Amala Paul during Vettai?! Here is the trailer for Love Failure with Siddharth!

Watch it quick - via Get Filmy - the leaked Housefull 2 song!!

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