Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Gossip!

ETA: One more thing I just realized I forgot to mention - I would very much like to see Shirish apologize for calling Shahrukh a faggot. It was completely uncalled for and that kind of language is not harmless.

In fact, one of the nastiest undercurrents of this whole business is the flood of jokes and slurs about how the participants don't fit our stereotypical gender roles. I won't repeat them here but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 

Anyways, that's my two cents. And now let's move on.

Today in gossip - we all just chill karo and get back to the business of being excited about things - like upcoming Talaash and Lolo's comeback.

* I'm done with slapgate but check out One Knight Stand's take of meme hilarity and then re-live previous slapgates from the Old is Gold era...

4: Raj Kapoor v/s Raaj Kumar: A much talked about verbal fight happened between Raj Kapoor and Raaj Kumar at Prem Chopra's wedding celebration party. Raj had a grudge against Raaj as he had not consented to work in "Mera Naam Joker." Raj had planned the role of a magician for Raaj. But Raaj declined saying, "Raaj cannot be equaled with Dharmendra and Manoj Kumar. If he has to be in the film, then only Raj Kapoor and Raaj Kumar will be there."

Raj Kapoor might have got high at the party, and told Raaj Kumar, "You are a bloody murderer." (Raaj was a police inspector before entering the industry and he was involved in a murder case.) Raaj replied, "I might be a killer, but I never went to you for a favour. It is you who had come to me."

And now let us all forget it happened until the time comes for 2012 "Worst Of" lists.

* And I thought this was appropriate for today. Television actress Sriti Jha speaks out against domestic violence.

Sriti also feels that sometimes women don't show courage to get out of an abusive relationship because of social and family obligations.

"It's the responsibility of family, especially parents, to understand their daughter's feelings and motivate her to speak out. Girls usually feel that talking or discussing can affect their family's reputation, but it needs to be stopped for the sake of their lives.

* "Lovely boy" Shahrukh Khan will be romancing his leading ladies in the snow-covered mountains in Yash Chopra's upcoming film.

* Talaash sells for 90 crores.

* IMAX comes to India? Can we get Talaash in IMAX?!

* Salman Khan to work with Farhan Akhtar? This could be interesting... especially if we get their fathers to join up and write the script? YES?

* Manoj Bajpayee makes his Tamil debut... allegedly replacing Prakash Raaj.

* Oh, yuck... Deepika Padukone opposite Ram Charan Teja in Zanjeer? Can you imagine a less suitable replacement for Jaya Bhadhuri?

* Saif Ali Khan on Agent Vinod.

What have you set out to achieve with this film? Is Saif Ali Khan’s superhero as ambitious as Salman Khan’s Robinhood Pandey in Dabangg and as heroic as SRK’s G.One in RA.One?

I don’t want to be compared with other Khans. They are big stars. After working for close to 20 years in the industry I want to make my dreams come true through the kind of films I want to make. I want to bring about small changes in terms of cinematic treatment and technical advancement. We at Illuminati are not comparing ourselves with others. The idea is to entertain people, nothing else! Also, I don’t want to be defined myself with a particular image. I want to dabble in roles which are diverse. I can’t play a regular lover boy at 40. I want to play slightly older, mature characters now. Lover boys are for the younger lot to play. If I try to play a 20-year-old, I will look old. I want to look younger playing the right age. I think Agent Vinod is a start in that direction and it’s a healthy start. We have made a film that will generate interest in a rickshawwallah, a middle-class man and a rich brat as well. So go and watch the film!

Well, now... that's a refreshing statement from Mr. Saifu! I hope Agent Vinod lives up to it.

* Akshaye Khanna giving awkward interviews is always a treat!

You have done 30 films in 15 years. Why are you so choosy?

Some years I have three releases and then some years I don’t have a single film. There may be a year when I don’t like a single script that’s offered to me. No man likes to wake up in the morning and not go to work. If I had my way, I would do more than three or four films in a year. But just because I want to work every day, it doesn’t mean that I will accept anything that is offered to me. The level of script-writing in our industry — apart from a few films — is really not up to the mark.

* And Shakti Shetty over at Mid-Day has a list of things Bollywood should try out in 2012.

Say aye to gay: In the last few years, there have been commendable attempts by some filmmakers to bring homosexual characters to the forefront of screenplay. This trend is worth encouraging. So superstars, drop your inhibitions and say yes to a gay role.


Moimeme said...

Sorry to bring up Slapgate again when you want to move on, but --

A peace has been brokered between the parties by Sajid Khan


I guess now we can move on. :)

P.S. I think you meant to say "that kind of language is not harmless", not "harmful".

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme I did, indeed! Thanks for pointing that out. I will fix it. :)

maxqnz said...

Well, I didn't see an apology for the homophobic slur, but did see that the "negotiated peace" was the totally one-sided outcome I would have expected - craven capitulation from Sirish and an apology for lèse-majesté. Perhaps that humiliation will be punishment enough for his crude retort.

Moimeme said...

@maxqnz -- I didn't see any apology from SRK for hitting and punching a fellow party attendee, either. While I in no way approve of that word, I think much bigger crimes went free in this so-called peace negotiation. I find that more offensive.

maxqnz said...

@Moimeme - that is actually what I was referring to. I didn't see this as a reconciliation, but as a capitulation, a one-sided humiliation for Sirish. My comment was suggesting that perhaps THAT was Sirish's punishment for the gay slur.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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