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Tuesday Gossip!

Good morning, everybody!! Welcome to post number 1501! Thanks for all your kind comments and wishes on my 1500 post. I'll keep trying to do my best for you every day!

Something for you to look forward to... I did an interview yesterday with the pistol-sharp Pitobash for Outsider in Bollywood! I've interviewed Americans, Australians, and British-Asians but this will be my first interview with an actor who came to Bombay all the way from Orissa. I think that's about as outside Bollywood as you can get and still be in India.

* If you were wavering on Agneepath keep this in mind - five trailers are releasing with the film, including Talaash and Rowdy Rathore.

* My old nemesis Rachel Saltz reviews Vettai - and I use the word "reviews" loosely. She actually uses the phrase: My favorite part was...



How is she getting paid for this shit? What kind of professional reviewer goes around saying, "My favorite part was..." like this is a 5th grade book report on To Kill A Mockingbird. Is anybody even proofreading her shit before it goes to press?

* Also, in the "Who Gives A Shit" category - Oprah hobnobs with the Bachchans.

* Shahrukh is gearing up to pitch a massive project to Hollywood that will be special effects heavy and feature both Hollywood and Bollywood actors.

Has he learned nothing from 2011? Look at the films that were truly successful - Singham, Ready, and Bodyguard were done on smallish budgets with a timeless herogiri sensibility. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Delhi Belly and Dirty Picture had a USP of characters and dialogues. Just what is SRK trying to prove with these massive special-effects heavy projects? If audiences want that kind of thing, they can just go see Mission Impossible 4 - SRK should be thinking about what it is that only he can offer audiences and special effects ain't it.

* Salman Khan is the most trusted cinema personality.

According to a research report titled ‘The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2012’, Salman Khan, who delivered two box-office hits – Ready and Bodyguard – last year, has been voted as the Most Trusted Cinema Personality in India. The Bollywood actor has also ranked third in the overall personalities list, only after social activist Anna Hazare and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

* The Times of India tracks the scriptwriter for Players. To his credit, he doesn't really try to justify taking on a job for cash.

"I should have at least one solid reason to do a particular film and in the case of 'Players', it was the opportunity to do a remake of a film that I enjoyed watching - 'The Italian Job'. Criticism or praise does not matter as long as one can look at one's work objectively," said Sharma.

I don't begrudge any gun for hire just trying to make a buck to pay rent. I'm sure Sharma did exactly what he was hired to.

* Forbes India reports on a conversation with Anurag Kashyap and Anupama Chopra.

“Bollywood is on the verge of global cinema,” he says. “Right now, when people in the West say, ‘Let’s watch a Bollywood film,’ it’s the equivalent of us saying ‘Let’s watch a Kanti Shah movie.’” Kanti Shah is a name that comes up at least twice more during the chat. Shah is the man who made the cult classic Gunda. “It’s the equivalent of Sholay in the B movie category.”

It's a fair point. Most people in the West associate Bollywood with camp - if they associate Bollywood with anything.

* Enjoy a conversation with Danny Denzongpa!

Do you think that a masterpiece like Agneepath should be tampered with?

Well, remakes have set the cash registers ringing, haven't they? (pauses). However, if I was a successful filmmaker, I wouldn't have tampered with Agneepath.

The whole thing is worth reading - he has a couple funny anecdotes about fan encounters and talks about Parveen Babi! They don't make 'em like Danny Denzongpa anymore... if they ever did!

* Breaking my twitter rule to post this from Juhi Chawla.

“Driving to Juhu now... on the way is a huge Screen awards hoarding ... with a pouting Priyanka... in the tiniest of blouses ... please someone tell why does a respected Screen award for excellence in cinema need such a marketing gimmick???”

Ha ha ha! Stay classy, Juhi!

* I know I say this every time I post an interview with Hrithik but he's such a genuine guy!

How was it working with Vivek Oberoi?

It was amazing. When I heard the script I wanted to play the villain, in fact, I wanted to do play both hero and the villian. I insisted that I'd be the best in the role. I told papa (director Rakesh Raushan) there is no other actor who can play it but he kept saying no. But after I saw Vivek perform on the first day of the shoot, I was convinced that he'd do justice to the role. I thanked god that I wasn't playing the villain because Vivek is doing a good job.

Is there anybody else in Bollywood who would just whole-heartedly praise Vivek like that?

* Nanban has done 57 crores at the box office!! WOW! Congratulations!

* Dhanush's 3 is getting a Hindi language release.

* And India's Christians make the Bollywood news for the second time in a week. After objections to Shiney Ahuja's Ghost, now the song Hosana from Ekk Deewana Tha has come under fire.

Hrithik Roshan at McDonalds for some sort of tie-in deal. I can't even begin to describe how weird it is for Agneepath to have a McDonald's tie-in but... *shrug*

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