Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Gossip!

Today in gossip - PLAYERS! Also, some snarky end of the year lists; release date announced; and yet more Players!

Are you ready for this?

* So, I stayed up way to late last night and when checking in on links this morning, I accidentally typed in "Bollywod" and was like, "Why are there are only three news stories today?"

I soon realized my mistake - after my coffee finished brewing - but one of the stories... whatever happened with the charges that Ladies vs Ricky Bahl was pulled from a Tamil film? As far as I can see, last news was Selva is taking Yash Raj to court...

* Another end-of-the-year list... Top Twitter Controversies!

Anurag Kashyap took on Salman Khan for his brother -- Dabangg director Abhinav -- following a disagreement in the film's team over its sequel.

He tweeted: 'Salman khan thinks he made my brother's life.. Hope he can do the same for his brother Arbaaz with Dabanng 2.'

The tweet definitely upset the Khan family as Arbaaz Khan responded: 'Instead of gratitude some people show attitude. Wah kya zamana aa gaya hai. Time will tell. Kabhi asliat ko bahar aane mein time lagta hai.'

Alas, Shirish's firework crack didn't make the list.

* And a deliciously snarky one - the worst performers of 2011.

Shah Rukh Khan's item song in Always Kabhi Kabhi

It is probably sound business sense for an actor-producer to throw himself into a song for his film, but, like Aamir Khan did so well in Delhi Belly, SRK might have read the words.

A 'they don't really care about us' style song talking about how the older generation doesn't quite get generation Y lingo sounds creepy coming from a man past his mid-40s.

And to make matters worse, the song plays during the end credits, ten seconds after it's already bored us in the climax.

* I should have added one more HBIC to my list yesterday... Manisha Koirala is officially making her comeback! I love Manisha Koirala - what an actress she is...

* I'm trying to avoid too much from Joker before it's released - why spoil the entire film for myself - but here's a new image released by dirctor Shirish Kunder.

* O ho ho! A.R. Murugadoss is taking on two of Bollywood's coolest properties to remake Ramana but as long as Murugadoss stays firmly in charge of the visuals and keeps any hammy tendencies in check, this might just be the ticket for Shahrukh and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

* This was reported some time back, if I remember correctly but maybe now it's official? Katrina Kaif signs on to her makeup artist's film... for free.

* Dookudu director Srinu Vytla's next film is titled Action and will star NTR Jr!

* OMG OMG OMG! Zarine Khan opposite Vikram playing a gladiator. Why aren't I watching this movie right now?

Importantly: Zarine Khan will reportedly play an action-packed role and even have a sword fighting scene. She will obviously have to train in sword fights before the shooting.


* Nanbaan and Vettai clash on release dates. Get ready for breathless box office reporting...

* Agent Vinod gets a release date - March 23rd. The same as Tezz.

* Much of the Players press has been extremely dire but here's a gem for you - Sonam Kapoor has gone off her meds and flipped the bird to a press conference to protest the blurring of a bird-flip in the film.

Also, Sonam wants to make it clear that she is the heroine of this multi-starrer.

The 26-year old actor reveals, ‘The story of film, ‘Thank You’ revolved around me and Akshay. Even in ‘Aisha’, I played the lead role. In ‘Delhi 6’, too Abhishek and I played the lead roles and now in ‘Players’ also we both will be playing the lead. But at same time one should not forget that even the other supporting actors plays a crucial role in the film who helps to make the film a better product’.

Oh, how magnanimous of you, Sonam... always thinking of the little people...

I think the lack of calories has gone directly to the part of the brain that controls ego.

* This amazing interview with Neil Nitin Mukesh cracked me up. I love how the journalist just bluntly quizzes him on his love affairs.

Asin and he were also spotted getting cosy at a suburban hotel. Later, he was believed to have recommended her for a film, and also berated her for getting close to Salman Khan and ended up with a ‘it’s over’ text. Says Neil, “Asin and I haven’t even worked together yet. There was an offer and we were sitting in on the script. Maybe that’s when people saw us together. I’m fond of her and her family. And this dumping drama is rubbish. Right now, I’m not dating anyone.”

Of all of Sonam's supporting cast, Neil seems to be taking the opportunity of free press and just running with it. I bet if I called up I could get an interview.... Hmm... *readies dialing finger*

(Also, this is an interesting little piece of gossip - Richa (who sizzled in Osthi) was signed on to Neil's Short Cut Romeo but either she has been shelved or the film will be. I can't figure out which it is.)

* Sikander Kher is pragmatic.

"I am ready to approach anybody and everybody constantly for work. My father has done it all his life and he is the one who told me that there is nothing to be ashamed of doing it. Why should I sit at home and wait for work to be thrown at me? I am not in a position where directors are lining up outside my house. I have no problem in spreading my arms and saying that I want work.”

I haven't seen Sikander in anything yet but I do have to admit that I'm curious... he was well-reviewed in his debut but then just NOTHING out of him. I wonder if he had been acting pricy... and then finally came around to accept that being part of Sonam's supporting cast is the best he could do.

* Papa Bachchan hasn't gotten the word that Players is Sonam's film and is promoting it as Abhishek's film on his blog.

“Abhishek has been able to spend an entire day with us after ages – he being flown in every day to different locations for his promotions for ‘Players’ releasing in a few days on Friday – a fast paced slick film with some rather picturesque and daring stunts in some of the more remote regions of the world – New Zealand to the North Pole via Russia … well almost,” Big B wrote on his blog. “It would be welcome if the Ef (extended family) could spread the word around on the film,” he added.

* Related: we just barely escaped from Abhishek doing a remix version of "Jumma Jumma De."

* I have a feeling this documentary from British filmmakers will be framed as the real Slumdog Millionaire.


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a little unrelated, but have you seen this poster for Rowdy Rathore? i hadn't seen it before and i thought you might enjoy it as well!


Michael Barnum said...

I am pretty certain that Vikram portraying a gladiator is the role I have been waiting my entire life to see...I want a picture of him in costume, now!

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