Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Gossip Post!

First things first - is anybody in Louisiana? There is a Bollywood Film Festival taking place in Shreveport!

Although I do have to take issue with this: Menon said the films are typically romantic love stories with happy endings.

No. I hate that stereotype. That is ONLY true if your definition of Bollywood is "output of Yash Raj studios from 1995 to present."

And thank you, everybody, for the great response to my Omi Vaidya interview!! He was really fun to talk with - very candid, which I appreciate. I try my best to get great interviews for you guys but I think sometimes people may not trust me. Hopefully the more I do, the more people will be willing to talk with me. I love doing interviews and I'm really fascinated with different personalities...

Anyways, onto your gossip round-up!

* Actress Kalpana Mohan has passed away. My sympathies to her family!

* Katrina Kaif signs a film opposite Rajinikanth! Woot!

* The trials and tribulations of the Shuttlecock Boys.

Made with a shoestring budget, 'Shuttlecock Boys' is written and directed by Hemant Gaba, a man who was trapped in 9 to 6 corporate job for almost seven years. Gaba recalls the past," I was working in the software industry like any other good guy but the monotony was killing my will to become a successful entrepreneur. However the long list of problems was next to impossible to sort out. First of all, I didn't have the business background, secondly was the money required to start a new venture."

* Read an interview with the director of Pakistani film Waar!

In the past, you have commented on Pakistani film-makers and how they need to get away from typical Bollywood concepts. Do you see Waar raising the bar and setting a new standard?

Bollywood is brilliant at what it does and its formula seems to work for its intended audience. However, the problem occurs when Pakistani film-makers follow their style. We don’t realise that Bollywood’s biggest strength lies in their production value. When we try to emulate their aesthetics without the same production value to back it up, we come up with a below-average film in comparison. This is why, with Waar, I wanted to make a film which was not influenced by Bollywood at all.

* This caught my eye... clueless American interviews the wrong Imran Khan? It appears to be a spoof but the fact that people believed it doesn't speak well to America's image.

* And speaking of America's image... Munnabhai 3 starts filming in September! And, if this article is correct and it's about meeting the president of the United States, you know where he lives... Washington, D.C., baby! Come to me, Arshad!!

* Ghost gets snipped by the Censor Board... not sex or profanity but violence. Wow.

"The examining committee has given five - six cuts. All of them were extremely brutal. There was a scene showing a dead body's legs being cut. Another excessively violent scene showed a girl being beaten for a very long time by many people."

As this film sounds more and more like a giant shit show, I am more and more interested in seeing it... for my Box Office Poison feature.

* Dhobi Ghat is on the BAFTA longlist! Congrats to Kiran Rao!

* Pooja Gandhi is flashing her nude back for Dandupalya and raising eyebrows in Sandalwood. I love Pooja! These Sandalwood actresses are firecrackers! Remember when Ramya took on the entire industry by herself?!

* Esha Gupta replaces Deepika Padukone as the face of Maybelline.

* A conversation with international fashion model Lakshmi Menon.

Q. Do you ever think about getting married or having children?

A. Neither are that important to me right now. And, with all the traveling I do, it would be impossible to have a child anyway.

Ha ha ha! I love you, Lakshmi! Can you tell she isn't talking to the Indian press...

* It's Vikram, Tabu, and Isha Sharvani in Bejoy Nambiar's next film!

* Rani Mukerji is doing a tribute to Madhuri, Sridevi, and Juhi in Aiyya.

“The song will be choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant and the styling will be done by Neeta Lulla. Rani will be seen dressed up in three different avatars, that of Mohini in Ek Do Teen, Manju in Na Jaane Kahan Se and Radha in Tu Tu Tutu Tara.”

Interesting... tell me more!

* Poor South Indian actresses... they come to Bollywood and spin their wheels through delays and more delays.

* Sunny Leone not officially signed for Jism 2 yet and Madhuri has not signed the Ishqiya sequel yet. Okay, then...

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thediva_1 said...

If Munnabhai does shoot in Washington DC. I'd like to see the shooting.
eeekk. you could meet Arshad...!

and we could be fan girls up close! LOL

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