Friday, January 13, 2012

Thank God It's FRIDAY News Edition!

First things first - reports on Ghost are saying so bad it's good. That is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes for excellent Box Office Poison material. I'm keeping an eye on this situation as it develops.

AND! Don't forget to submit your guesses for my Filmfare Award contest!

And... um... I think I had something else but I forgot. Okay! If I remember I'll just tweet it later! GOSSIP!

* You know, before I met Hrithik Roshan, I kind of rolled my eyes when he said stuff like this but now... I think it's sweet. He genuinely believes this.

He said: "My premise is that I can only act well if I am in that character. I have to know everything about my character. If I am not living it, then I can't act. If you ask me to imitate or act, I can't do it. Others can because they have that talent. I can't act, so I am bad actor."

Hrithik throws himself entirely into his characters. You really do have to respect that and it's what makes him one of my favorite actors in the Hindi film industry.

(Speaking of... Krrish 2 delayed because of Hrithik's injuries.)

* The title of this article should have been - "Bollywood's scripts need a makeover says guy who starred in Gandhi To Hitler."

As talk veers towards his choice of subjects and scripts, Raghubir says, "I look for a story that has never been told before. It has to be different. I'd also like to essay characters that I have not played before. If it is a bit similar, I try to improvise it and bring something diverse to my role."

* Somebody needs to stop Shahrukh Khan before it's too late. He wants to make a BIGGER BUDGET film than Ra.One. Do you even know the kind of ad blast we'll be subjected to from the second it enters production?! Is there some sort of filter I can install on the Internet? Is there an ap for that?

* And Shahrukh's erstwhile Ra.One collaborator Anubhav Sinha is threatening another action film starring Shahrukh... and Vidyut Jamwal. Now, if standing next to Vidyut Jamwal can make JOHN ABRAHAM look like an awkward pile of muscles, I don't want to imagine what it will do to Shahrukh... strike>Actually, no. I do. It will be hilarious.

* Sigh. Don't let anybody say I play favorites - Vivek Oberoi, I love you but you can't play a 23-year old. There is something supremely pathetic about the grown men in all these "realistic" films who don't know what love is or who are bickering with their daddies.

According to the 30-plus actor, he believes the best way to play a young character is to imbibe the behaviour of actual young people. “Today’s youngsters are very sorted in their heads and are sure of what they want in life. So working on the film has itself been a learning experience,” says Vivek.

I have an idea. How about hiring an actual "youngster" to play a 23-year old?

* Abhishek Bachchan and Deepika Padukone to reunite in a Priyadarshan film. No comment on the lead pair's talent but it is a stunning collection of people with declining box office fortunes...

Priyadarshan's last big(ish) box office hit in Hindi was Bhool Bhuliya in 2007. Abhishek last big(ish) hit was Paa in 2009 . Deepika had Housefull - to which she was completely incidental - and before that, um, Om Shanti Om.

* Should we start saving for tickets? Ranbir's world tour is announced once again.

* Siddique tantalizes with details of his next film.

"There will be neither Shah Rukh, Aamir or Salman Khan in my next project. I have not finalised the cast, but it will not be any of the three," he said about the film that will be an action movie with a strong romantic theme.

* EEEEE! Vidya performs Ohh La La at the Colors Screen Awards!

New trailers!!!

KUNAL KHEMU IS IN A MOVIE! Look everybody! Blood Money is getting my money.

Jodi Breakers song promo - let it play for at least 20 seconds. Don't be fooled by the crappy montage at the beginning. Madhavan lip syncs so well... *swoon*


LoveSuhana said...

Maddy's smile is so adorable! I'm not the biggest fan of Bips, but Jodibreakers might be cute

Indian Essay said...

I normally like Maddy. But here, he's overweight and sort of waddling around while Bips looks stunning. No chemistry here ;o(

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