Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Priyanka Chopra in a fat suit, Waar, and some other stuff!

* Look, Bollywood. I recognize that Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture does not have the size-zero bikini-body that you think all women starve themselves into. HOWEVER, that is no excuse to dress up PRIYANKA CHOPRA IN A FAT SUIT in a medley of the popular films of the year.

Just when I think that Bollywood has hit the bottom of the barrel and can't get any worse, they blow the bottom out of the barrel. A fat suit? Really? If Vidya in The Dirty Picture is considered laughably obese, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Next year I hope Vidya gets to put on a skeleton suit and do a medley of Priyanka Chopra's songs.

Poor Vidya! The best actress working right now; turning in two amazing performances; and she is turned into a figure of fun over her weight.

Still, I suppose we can also see this as sour grapes on Priyanka's part since I'm pretty sure she thinks that she deserves all those Best Actress awards for Saat Khoon Maaf.

* Read about Pakistan's Waar and the new culture of filmmaking!

The 2011 release Slackistan was about the elite youth of Islamabad — a typical slacker film — has no deep and profound thought to communicate. Gidh is ostensibly about how the media manipulates news but Abbasi is very clear on why he made the film. “Nobody wants to see fat women dancing in the fields anymore,” he says in a snide reference to the typical Lollywood potboiler, adding, “Our films are about contemporary life, in a language and an idiom we speak in. At the end of the day, it’s entertainment.”

There was a cover of (I think) Time magazine recently that used a scary looking jihadi to illustrate the idea of "Pakistan" and it kind of startled me. When I think of Pakistan, I think of Veena Malik and Meera and Ali Zafar and Waar and Slakistan - that scary jihadi exists in a parallel universe that the Western media is obsessed with.

* I feel like this is a response to what I posted on Friday about Amy Jackson.

These days, selling a film is as important as making one. To sell a film, you have to make it the talking point for the junta and half your job is done. So filmmakers have realised that an exotic name will get the audiences talking – especially in a country that still overdoses on fairness creams and ‘gori-chitti’ brides.

* Related - Amy Jackson to star opposite Ram Charan Teja.

* Some info on Veena Malik's upcoming film.

She said, "(There's) lots of wirework and flips and somersaults and bruises and cuts. I am roughing it out here in the jungles and enjoying every bit of it!" The director refused to reveal the script of the film as he assured that Mumbai 125 KM will surely scare the audiences.

I am ready to be scared!

* Bipasha Basu is ready for Raaz 3!

* Ali Zafar is injured and won't be performing live at the music launch of London Paris New York.

* Sanjay Dutt for Race 2?

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Nerdypanda said...

Priyanka, Vidya is not FAT!!!

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