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Sunday Gossip post! (Pssst... #1496)

So... I saw Vettai last night! My first film of the year and it was AWESOME! Last year it was UTV's No One Killed Jessica that rang in 2011 and 2012 has UTV's Vettai. A lucky omen if I ever saw one... I should add that the Agneepath trailer looks REALLY BOSS on the big screen. Despite Nose Job Chopra, I'll be going to see it. Her part looks pretty small, anyways. I can just use her songs as snack/bathroom break.

The Colors Screen Awards were held last night and here is a lengthy write-up! I'll post the winners separately with commentary. You know I always have commentary.

Also, it's Ranbir and Shahrukh to host the Filmfare Awards. O.M.G. This will be interesting.

Does SRK even have time to take a dump in between hosting all these awards shows and filming like ten South Indian remakes and a Yash Chopra film and bitching about Bebo in the press while simultaneously promoting the sequel to Ra.One?

* Salman Khan: King of the Box Office and Possibly Running for Political Office?.

The famous Bollywood actor - Salman Khan, who is well-known for his kindness towards poor people, once again proved that he indeed is a messiah for those who can not afford such things what they really deserve. This time the actor will provide Rs 44 lakh to release almost 250 prisoners who have been residing in Uttar Pradesh jails as they do not have sufficient money to pay cash as the amount of their bails.

The article hints that it's a ploy to buy up votes but, you know, I don't recall seeing anything about Salman running for office and I don't think it sounds like something he would do but... I suppose it could be true. Whatever. Salman is doing this out of a desire to do something to help people - what that desire arises out of is his own business. I'm sure the prisoners who are released are very happy!

* Anurag Kashyap talks Gangs of Wasseypur and brings up a interesting tidbit:

Nawazuddin, a relatively lesser known face in Bollywood, is playing one of the pivotal roles in Gangs of Wasseypur, but Anurag has high praises for him. “Nawaz is an extraordinary actor. You will see a lot of him this year. He is in almost every important film releasing this year, from Talaash to Shootout at Wadala. In my opinion, his talent can be compared to Irrfan Khan. He has been in the industry since 14 years but didn’t get noticed. His natural acting is his strength.”

I love a strong character actor. I am excite.

* Do you know the two words I want to hear most in relation to Billa 2? Well, "Vidyut" and "Jamwal" but after that it has to be "overseas" and "rights." Which have been sold!

* Zombie Movie No. 3 currently in pre-production is under fire from Zombie Movie No. 2.

Rock On!! (2008) actor Luke Kenny’s directorial venture, titled Zombie, has run into trouble since another production company claims that they have already registered the same title. Producer Siddhartha Jain of iRock Media, who is producing director Navdeep Singh’s Rock The Shaadi, another zombie flick, insists he won’t allow Kenny’s film to release without his permission.

Whatevs. The only zombie movie I care about is the one directed by Raj & DK. Navdeep Singh did Manorama Six Feet Under which was way more BORING than it should have been for a mystery-thrillerish movie.

* I love when directors and actors get self-important about their fluffy romantic comedies.

Is Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu inspired from What Happens In Vegas?

Karan is the most reputed producer in the country. I don't think he will shoot a remake without taking the official rights. He would not want to be associated with a cheap take-off. Our movie is completely different from What Happens... The trailers might make you find it similar, but it is not. In fact, I don't like that film at all. If I dig hard enough, I am sure I can find a draft of my script which dates back even before What Happens... which was released two years back. I had started writing the script in 2008 or 2009.

Does anybody really care? Sadly, I guess they do but I think anytime anybody mentions an Ashton Kutcher film like it's a paragon of sterling Hollywood creativity, everybody loses.

* Ha ha ha! Oh, Arjun Rampal... you are funny. I highly doubt that anything Madhur Bandar-kar touches has a "beautiful" love story in it and I also doubt that your role is anywhere near as important as Bebo's in the film.

“Bebo is the protagonist of the film and she has a very good part in it. But it is also a beautiful love story that happens between two characters from the same line of work, and how much misunderstanding is created by people who are supposed to make that communication easier,” the 39-year-old actor said.

* This article on Priyanka having to "get into character" to play an autistic girl in Barfee is hilarious.

Chopra reportedly looked up to Khan's performance in My Name Is Khan as a reference point. Since its release, reactions to Khan's performance have been mixed, with some calling it enjoyable and many others over-the-top. According to sources, the actress had modeled her performance on that of Khan's to such a degree that the director Anurag Basu stepped in and got three girls who suffer from the condition to come to the sets and interact with Chopra.

No comment.

* The Celtic Tiger is using all its might to lure Bollywood back to Ireland. We'll have to see how Ek Tha Tiger does... as we say in America, nothing succeeds like success!

* Tie-in novelization! Welcome to Bollywood!

* Two of my faves collide over the remake rights to a Tamil song.

* This has been kicking around for a while - a Walk of Fame in Bandra?

* Farah Khan talks a bit about her on-screen role in the Sanjay Leela Bansali produced film Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi in which she plays a 40-year old Parsi "spinster." (Because heaven forbid an unmarried woman of a certain age not be defined by her marital status...)

* Linking for no other reason than Jacqueline Fernandez is one fine looking woman. More, please!

And a trailer for Mem Vayasuku Vacham, which (if my Googling is correct) is a Telugu film. Really, that's all I could find out but it seems to be about cross-religion romance? Yes? All I know is THIS GIRL IS FREAKING GORGEOUS. Niti Taylor... I hope we see you around.

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