Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Gossip!

There isn't much gossip today, so let's take a look at one of the stories floating through the Bolly Blogosphere: Good Night, Good Morning by Sudhish Kamath aka the guy who once used a rape metaphor to describe remakes. (As in, authorized remakes were like date rape; unauthorized remakes are violent assault. Yes, that's right because violent sexual assault has so much in common with a Sanjay Gupta movie.)

(News and more snarking under the cut!)

First up, a Sudhish's butthurt blog post about how nobody understands what a special snowflake he is.

It also includes some delightful misogynist metaphors!

Love films? Watch them. Don’t make them.
They are ungrateful f***ing bitches.
They will take away all your money. And your sleep. They will f*** you in the head. And one day, end up sleeping with someone else.

Stay classy, Sudhish! This fucking bitch just finds you tedious.

Next, check out one of the most positive-spinning mediocre reviews I've ever read posted to Mohit Fight Club.

GNGM is not a movie that will make you froth at the mouth with amazement or feel giddy with euphoria. Indeed, that is perhaps its most becoming virtue.

Pinkvilla calls the film out on its bland American flavor.

The film becomes an example of a 'globalised' world. Today, most Indians born in its urban towns, raised on a staple diet of American entertainment, are more American than many Americans themselves.

And, a positive review from Karan Johar is a mark of quality, right? The man who produced such films as Authorized Stepmom Remake and Forest Gump I Mean Shahrukh Meets Racist Caricatures of Black People has this to say:

Despite some minor shortcomings, Sudhish Kamath deserves to be lauded for attempting this novel narrative. It is extremely complicated to shoot a long drawn conversation between two characters in two different locations without losing the continuity or the essence of their repartee. Kamath manages to make you believe that you are listening in to a real phone chat and that is his victory as a filmmaker.

Because who doesn't want to watch a two-hour long phone call starring Raja Sen.

And now that I've stirred up enough trouble for the day, let's move on!

* Shahrukh fans head to Berlin!

Some first fans of Shah Rukh are even suffering from the proverbial seven-year itch that may have crept into their relationship with the Bollywood superstar.

Stella is nostalgic about films like Baazigar and Karan Arjun. She had fallen in love with the fire that she found in the performance of his early films. She saw RA.One when it opened in a cineplex in Vienna last year and was not thrilled.

“The more money that Shah Rukh spends on a film and the harder he tries to be funny, the more mediocre he comes across on screen these days. I miss sincerity and the fire in his performances,” sighs Stella.

* What's the story behind Coke Studio India.

Some music aficionados feel that Coke Studio’s mistake was to choose a niche platform like MTV. “It should have been showcased on a more mainstream channel,” says a 49-year-old fan who has downloaded all nine episodes. “Also, the timing of the show, 7 pm to 8 pm, was wrong.” Compare this to Coke Studio Pakistan which is aired on multiple channels. Its season Four was broadcast on over 20 channels including PTV Home, Geo Entertainment, Dawn News, Filmax, Hum TV and Apna Channel.

* A missing Satyajit Ray film has been restored.

Posting for no other reason than Ali Zafar is adorbs. Also, I enjoy books and politics.

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Nerdypanda said...

Yup, Coke Studio India was a mistake. The original one in Pakistan still rocks. On the other hand, I love the show The Dewarist. I believe it is on Youtube so anyone can check it out. It has a godd selection of Indian and western artists. What is so great is you get to listen to folk and fusion music which otherwise is not very popular like filmi music.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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