Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Gossip!

GOOD MORNING!!! The big story this weekend is the first big film of the year... Players!

I had been waffling back and forth on whether or not to see it. Word has it that the film is not terrible but also extremely inessential. Judging by Get Filmy's review I don't think I'll be missing much by skipping it.

If you go in with low expectations on a day when you’ve got literally nothing else to do you might enjoy it.

Yeah. I have A LOT OF STUFF to do this weekend. Although, this might be a perfect target for Box Office Poison in a few months.

Is Players part of the new genre of Bollywood films presumably made to be seen on cable TV, playing in the background, while everybody sits around hungover on Sunday morning half-heartedly eating leftover pizza?

Bobby, Neil, and Sikander certainly have nothing better to do but what is Abhishek's excuse for doing this?

Check out the Wall Street Journal's review round-up
for the full critical drubbing.

And onto gossip!

* Good news for we Puja Gupta fans... she's joining the cast of Raj and DK's Go Goa Gone!! YES!

* Vivek Oberoi to remake his buddy Kiccha Sudeep's Vishnuvardhana! WOO!

* Neha Dhupia talks! She's one of the few actresses I'd love to go out for drinks with. Neha seems like a really sharp cookie.

A decade ago, you said only sex and SRK sell, a statement that was immortalised. Does that still stand?

The success of Ra.One and The Dirty Picture proves that SRK and sex still sell. My quote stands after a decade. If I were to revise it, I’d say that sex, SRK and Salman sell.

* Arunoday Singh spills the beans... sorry SPINS the beans on why he was replaced in Heroine.

What about the news that he was replaced because Kareena wasn't comfortable doing intimate scenes with him and asked for a more established name? "See, it's the director and the producer who finalise such things. Personally, I don't think any of this is true, because they are all very seasoned and professional people. I mean it would be quite ridiculous if I was replaced for the said reason. So, I wouldn't believe these rumours," says the actor.

* Meet the villain of Rowdy Rathore - Supreet!

(And you have to love this tag ending...)

Supreet's Hindi entry is special, in that he is not debuting with a Ram Gopal Varma movie!

Ha ha ha! Nice one!

* Dia Mirza fined by customs or was she? Does anybody care what Dia Mirza does?

* Pakistan's biggest film of all time - Waar.

* Bio-pics are in next year... apparently. This one sounds promising.

Explaining the character in the film and its similarities with Kanti Shah’s life, Sabharwal added, “The character in our film is called Shanti Shah. Bijendra Kale will play the role. It is more or less like a spoof on the filmmaker. However, there are a few instances from Kanti Shah’s life that have been incorporated in the film. For example, we have the entire episode involving the Deols, wherein Sunny and Bobby bashed him up, as a part of the film. His famous ‘rivalry’ with Yash Chopra is also a part of the film.”

For those unaware of the Deol episode, Kanti Shah had once bluffed Dharmendra into acting out a scene, which turned out to be quite risqué. Sunny Deol, on learning this, confiscated all the prints of the film and gave Kanti Shah more than an earful.

* In-depth look at Love 2 Hate U.

There are, of course, moments of brilliance, or at least mirth. Rampal admits that as a supermodel he did do drugs, but (disarming smile) “not that many”. Bhagat defends his choice of words in Five Point Someone (“I wanted to milk this moment,” expressed at the warm moment of the protagonist’s first kiss), and his hater keels over laughing and asks — “Chetan, do you ever read?” Preity Zinta’s hater turns out to be a far better actor and comedian than her and Rampal combined, even telling them at one point, “Guys, let’s behave like adults please.”

(The whole piece is worth reading if you're interested in celebrity.)

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