Monday, January 9, 2012

HAPPY MONDAY! Time for some NEWS!

So, here is the advantage to having acquaintances working in Indian film... some of my fangirl praise of Vikram found it's way to Vikram!! Who (as reported to me) was amused and said that it "made his decade."

Okay, I can die happy now! VIKRAM! What a great guy!

NOW!! Today in gossip - all sorts of odds and ends including clueless director interviews, Uday Chopra, an amazing story featuring Akshay Kumar, some boss film promos from down South, and MORE! Also, Raveena Tandon and Akshaye Khanna and Tusshar Kapoor and... and... what the hell happened last night?! There is some crazy stuff out there today!

* Players TANKS at the box office.

* In related news, audiences hate post-converted 3D... like, a lot.

Anand Vishal, head of operations of Fun Republic said, "In all our theatres, we had more audience for 2D version of Don 2 than 3D. That is when we decided to discontinue it."

* This is possibly the greatest anecdote you will read all day. It begins with Akshay strolling down the beach at 5 in the morning...

Click on that link - it's amazing. AMAZING.

* Ghost director Puja Jatinder Bedi talks about her upcoming film. It includes this quote:

Technically, 'Ghost' is at par with Hollywood films.

And this one:

I have traveled across the country with Shiney and people like him for his talent and acting finesse. People are looking forward to Shiney's comeback on silver screen.

Yeah... okay... whatever you say, Puja.

* Maybe we should turn our attention to the villain of Ghost who just got arrested for committing an actual crime.

“I wanted to have a first-hand experience of committing a robbery. I have seen it in films, but was curious to know how it feels when you commit a crime,” Upadhyay reportedly told the police.

* Do you know who we do want to see back o nthe silver screen? Raveena Tandon.

* Is there a better omen for a successful film than a pooja hosted by Uday Chopra? For SRK's sake, I certainly hope so. His next with Yash Raj is starting today.

* Priyanka Chopra makes a non-appearance for a paid appearance and pisses off the crowd.

* Karan Johar is really pushing the non-filmi aspect of Ek Main aur Ekk Tu.

“It is far tougher to find connectivity with an audience since there are no buffers like dramatic pauses, background score, props to enhance a scene. It is just the actors doing their talk and the trick is to hold a viewer's attention right through their conversation,” Karan Johar said.

So, take note people - dramatic pauses, a background score, and PROPS are all just tricks to hold a viewer's attention. If I see a single prop in Ek Main aur Ekk Tu, I'm starting a twitter campaign calling KJo a sell-out. PROPS are for masala hucksters... I thought he was making real films.

Props. PROPS! USING PROPS TO ENHANCE A SCENE! Is his brain even connected to his mouth? There is the milkshake bit right in the trailer of the of film.

And yet nobody questions his spiel... everybody just diligently reports the phrase at face value. I love Bebo but I hope this movie flops as hard as an Abhishek Bachchan film.

* Ah... Akshaye Khanna is reluctantly doing press for his latest film!

"I play a common man, a cashier by profession, who gets trapped in this system. His life turns topsy-turvy because of a small incident, where he stands to lose all that is dear to him - his house, his job, his wife and friends. But the film is peppered with humour. There is a certain depth, dignity and reality to it, which is rare for a comedy, and sets the film apart. Let's see what happens."

* And Tusshar Kapoor is talking shit about Radhika Apte.

The all-important question: Are you still in touch with your friend and Shor In The City co-star, Radhika Apte? Your sister Ekta allegedly did not like her...

Good you asked me this. I am not in touch with Radhika at all. We had a great working relationship. That's about it. And let me tell you that Ekta was not against her. There were even rumours about Ekta sabotaging her career. Ekta is a thorough professional. And as far as I know, Radhika is abroad learning some form of dancing.

Well, as I linked to (last week, I think) Radhika is going to be doing a Tamil film with the guy who played the villain in Ko but this whole mess is so weird. Like, number 1, does anybody really believe Tusshar was involved with a lady? No. So, what was that weird tension between the three?!?! (Radhika!!! Do an interview with me!!)

* Rajkumar Santoshi's next film is having financier troubles.

However, it seems the director got not one, but two financiers for the film. "Strangely, each one has been led to believe that he's backing the movie. And when they learnt of the other financier also claiming to be associated with Rajji's rom-com, both threw a fit," revealed our source.

* Read an interview with Agneepath director Karan Malhotra.

Tell us about Hrithik's character?

The biggest connect for Dharma's Agneepath is that Hrithik's character (Vijay) is much younger and more approachable. It is a character you will identify with and look up to. As ordinary people with aspirations, we love to see an ordinary character do larger-than-life things in films. Vijay conquers the villains who are larger-than-life.

Agneepath: Dharma Style, now with younger, "more approachable" Vijay. Who's ready for this?! I certainly hope no PROPS are used in this film because that would be just a cheap trick to get viewers. It had better be shot on a BARE SOUNDSTAGE like Dogville.

Anybody who watches Tamil films will enjoy this song promo for Marina... it features some very familiar faces. Also, it's just really cute!

Song trailer for Nandeeswarudu which is a remake of Kannada film Deadly Soma... it looks intense. I like intense.

Go behind-the-scenes in this fun video with Jackie Shroff on Married 2 America! Look! It's Jackie Shroff and he's doing stuff!

LAST ONE for today... trailer for Sevakudu which looks like fun! Besides, if Charmee is going to star in something, I feel I really should be there.


Moimeme said...

I know this is probably not what you wanted us to take away, but the thing that struck me most about that Akshay anecdote is that they referred to Sonakshi Sinha as "shotgun-shell". Quite creative, I must say! :)

Yunus Perveez said...

see, we discussed that episode of Koffee with Karan where Ekta was talking smack about Radhika, it wasnt an "impression" dude. like a gajillion people saw it...

David Moskowitz said...

What Yunus Parveez said. Ekta tried to insinuate on KWK that her brother had been having some sort of fling with Radhika Apte on the sets of Shor. It was pretty tacky.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme LOL!! I hadn't noticed that but it's a good one.

Re Radhika - if that is the case, then Ekta was clearly trying to force a press link-up between the two to give her brother some hetero bonafides, possibly without Radhika's consent. Very tacky.

Then again, you don't get to be Queen of Bollywood by not being tacky...

OG said...

Hey FG,

Awesome that Vikram saw/read your blog! Did he share any message?

I am a big fan myself.......

Anyways, cheers to more watching/writing FG!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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