Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Gossip!

Remember last year around this time when we were all really blown away by Vidya and Rani in the socially aware No One Killed Jessica?

This year... Players!

Speaking of performances, Neil Neitin Mukesh leads a pack of hammers who frequently use the word ‘predictable’, oh the irony! The predictability spreads like a virus and the only character untouched by the predictable obsession of predictability is the one portrayed by Deol and that's only because he doesn't talk! Neil, tries his best to act and play dirty but somehow he seems to manage to look like a loser. Bachchan looks like he will break into a romantic song any moment even when he is delivering a fierce action scene. Sonam’s stylist should have worked harder, for sure.

HA HA HA! Did you see the part I bolded? I kind of can't wait to see Players now.

Today in gossip... casting rumors; Bittoo Boss; song promos; new trailers; and all sorts of good stuff!

* I've been only half-following the Bittoo Boss controversy but it seems the Censor Board put the kibosh on the trailer.

Hungama talked to the filmmakers:

Abhishek Pathak: There are some dialogues and instances in the recently released Ra.One and the boldest movie to come out of our industry, Delhi Belly. What did the censors do about them? 'Bhaag DK Bose' wasn't a curse word for them. If they couldn't understand that then they are quite dumb. Our problem is with the censors and not with the film directors or producers or any actor. I was happy when 'DK Bose' was passed and thought that censors have taken their most sensible step but seeing the problem with Bittoo Boss, I feel truly gutted. Television and the big screen are for the Censors but internet is for us.

You can see the full trailer at the link. It looks fun? Maybe?

* Barfee to release on July 13th!

* Ajay Devgn is going to square off against Shahrukh Khan next Diwali. Which will you pick? A soppy Yash Raj film starring a 40+ guy who will (presumably) have to spend 2+ hours figuring out what this "love" thing is or AJAY DEVGN IN A MASALA FILM?!

* That Vikram film? Being made by Bejoy Nambiar? Yeah. It now co-stars Tabu.

* Can Sanjay Leela Bhansali tempt Aishwarya into Ramana opposite Shahrukh?

* Karan Johar backs out of Arjun Rampal's haterade TV show.

* A BAND OF BOYS is... back!

* Do go and read Kalki Koechlin's short story in Tehelka Magazine.

It is said that somewhere in Maharashtra, not so long ago, and in a land not so far away from the famous city of Mumbai, there lived a King who no longer ruled his kingdom.

JODI BREAKERS TRAILER! Looks good! The list of "Things I Approve Of In Films" always includes Maddy.

I'm getting such a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach over Agneepath. After that one bad-ass trailer, it's like every song promo is just worse and worse... Why does Priyanka Chopra always look like she's starring in an advertisement for feminine hygiene products and/or birth control pills? You know... those ones where the girls sit around and fake-laugh while eating salad and wear white pants...

How about this combo...

Kailash Kher and Akshaye Khanna? Okay... the song isn't bad! Feels like it could be a grower.

I clicked on this one because of the promise of Nithya Menon (who is totally adorable) but it turned out to be a pretty fun making-of! I guess the "Kolaveri Di" hangover isn't all bad...

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