Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Gossip - The It's Raining Outside edition!

I feel like most news stories today were single quotes from a variety of actors, spun into entire articles: A bunch of people were sad about Dev Anand; Vidya Balan is happy about Dirty Picture (and journalists are all concerned about her shedding those 'excess' pounds); Ranbir Kapoor clarifies that he's not BFF with Imran and doesn't consider him competition; and Katrina Kaif uses Salman Khan's name. There. That's 99% of what was out there today... for the rest...

* Go and vote for in Filmfare's Most Iconic Star poll! (I voted for Amitabh in the male category and Meena Kumari for the female.)

* Stories of stars from rags to riches are few and far between these days...

Filmmaker-actor Guru Dutt’s early childhood was spent within the cramped space of a small flat in Matunga in Mumbai. His father shifted from one job to another, leaving the family in a perpetual state of economic instability. Sunil Dutt was so poor that he had to sell off his collection of Shakespeare after his graduation exams in Mumbai to make ends meet. Rajendra Kumar had to struggle for nine years till he got his first big break. Jackie Shroff’s first role was as the villain’s henchman in Dev Anand’s Heera Panna(1973). B. R. Ishara who directed Chetna (1970) dusted the canteen tables at Sree Sound Studios in Mumbai. Ram Gopal Verma, a civil engineer by education, chose to rent out CDs and VCDs in Ameerpet in Hyderabad. A chance meeting with cinematographer S Gopal Reddy changed the course of his life.

* The Hollywood Reporter talks to Anil Kapoor...

THR: Was the size of your role and screen time in MI4 an issue?

AK: Honestly, just being part of a major international franchise is an honor in itself. In India you would call it a guest appearance. And that's a great challenge that you have to do your best in a limited time. I have been a leading man all my life and entire films have revolved around me.

* I'm dreading Kunal Kohli's new film more and more... apparently there will be a qawwali scene... but a Priyanka solo-heroine action film could be fun.

* KV Anand is doing a Bollywood film with Ranbir! EEEEE!

* I like how this is phrased... IF there is a Ra.1 sequel, which nobody is officially saying, Bebo won't be part of it because allegedly SRK didn't like how much (i.e. how little) time she gave to promoting it.

This is worth posting again... Rajapattai trailer! Chiyyan Vikram doing some *dishoom-dishoom* is coming to the USA and Canada over Christmas weekend!

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