Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Today in gossip... We're all SUPER KOOL HAIN! Ha ha ha! Nothing too Earth-shattering - some celebs being clueless in interviews; Salman being awesome; the usual.

* Beth talks to Arun Krishnan who runs the "Learn Hindi From Bollywood Movies" podcast!

A foreigner who has seen Indian movies over the last two decades will see the growing influence of the urban middle class. It is only too easy to mock movies, particularly those from the 1980s, for being trashy and predictable for the way they dealt with complex issues like caste discrimination, landlessness or poverty. But at least they acknowledged the existence of these problems that even today are faced by a large percentage of the population that exists on the fringes of Indian society. With the growth of an affluent, urban middle class, these issues are absent from many newer movies. Although with the success of recent movies like “Peepli Live” (2010), this “all is well” attitude is showing signs of starting to fade.

* Now it's time for your annual Munnabhai 3 rumor.

* Shahrukh reveals his insecurity about Hollywood films.

Why shouldn’t we make films as good as Hollywood? We make more films than them. We can’t control our looks, language, story but those are creative aspects. We can control technology, the way we shoot our films and the marketing. My biggest worry is that the Indian audience will stop seeing our films. They will be inclined toward Hollywood films. Why would they spend money on something that is sub standard?

What on Earth are you talking about, Shahrukh? Does he live on some alternate plane of reality? The biggest threat to Bollywood films isn't Hollywood films - it's CRAPPY Bollywood films that are trying to ape Hollywood films while giving lip service to Indian stylistic conventions. There is no competition unless YOU make it one but just know that you are setting yourself up to lose.

* I also enjoyed this piece on lessons learned from the Ra.One promotional clusterfuck.

This means that this time around it would be one and only full frontal attack that is pretty much in the offering. Unlike a Ra.One where endorsements, pre-selling, number of city tours, countless premiers, frequent globe trotting, mega launches and many more tricks up his sleeve pretty much contributed to 'let-my-film-be-everywhere' campaign, Don 2 has clearly taken a tangentially different route. With just 10 days left for the film's release, the viewer is yet to be exposed to one mega push that would elevate Don 2 to a point where an 'aam aadmi' makes up his mind to watch the film on the very first weekend.

* Aishwarya is taking a year long break and a well-deserved one!

* Shiney Ahuja, I feel no sympathy for you after how you handled "the incident."

Q. What happened to Silver Cord, the Hollywood film that you had signed with Val Kilmer in 2009?

A. I was supposed to start shooting in July of that year and the incident happened in June. The producers have naturally gone ahead with the project without me. But that’s okay… I am thankful for what I have today.

Yes, even IF you didn't do it (which I don't believe, to call the rape of a girl "the incident" shows how much you care about women. Dear Shiney: not that I had intended to see Ghost but I'm really just boycotting EVERY film of yours forever now. You are a narcissistic jackass.

* Hee! Bipasha didn't want to work with Emraan Hashmi because she's taller than him. They may be doing Murder 3 together, though.

* Sonam Kapoor in a Mani Ratnam film? IN TAMIL?

* The produer of Sudeep's Vishnuvardhana is trying to score a Bollywood remake. This should be interesting, since I think most Bollywood folk consider Sandalwood the red-headed stepchild of South cinema. (Even though WE know it's awesome!)

* Salman Khan refuses to work with Ashutosh Gowarikar, for which I love him even more.

Apparently Salman heard Ashutosh out and then calmly said, "I don't do good films. I do hit films. I work in films that make money, not the ones that get awards."

Salman kindly left out the part about Ashutosh's last few films being utter crap and not winning ANY awards.

* If you read my Ladies VS Ricky Bahl review, you know I blamed the Aditya Chopra (credited with the "story idea") for this mess - and if he did rip off a Tamil film called Naan Avanillai then he really has no excuse for the bad filmmaking. If you're going to remake a film, don't make it WORSE than the original!

* And the negative role in Krrish 2 that all the ladies had turned down is finally cast with a model/actress/VJ.

This is actually a very clever trailer!

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