Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday Gossip!

Today in gossip - assorted odds and ends! Prem Chopra! Also, two new trailers - one for Naanban and the other for the new Riteish-Genelia film.

* Don 2 seems to be doing well! Judging by the line at the theater last night, overseas audiences (at least) seem to be excited to go see it.

* Here is a piece on the current state of villainy in Bollywood.

When I tell Prem Chopra how I hated him as a kid, he begins to laugh. The shudder that runs down my spine is the same which I had felt as a kid while watching Bobby. “That’s a job well done,” says he. “We need to perform convincingly and being labelled ‘a bad guy’ is our success story.”

I miss villains. Yet another reason I've started switching over more and more to South Indian films, where there are still PLENTY of villains for me to have love-hate relationships with.

* Here's one for my files - Roman Fedorov: Outsider in Kollywood.

“We had to rehearse the same song over and over again for a week which was pretty boring but my wages, a decent hotel and good company were a nice compensation. I actually made a lot of friends on the set, both Indian and expats. I even had a chance to socialise with local actors who were real stars over there. At that time, however, I had no clue they were big stars. I left India in a little while since my designer contract expired, but still kept getting e-mails from my casting agent offering parts in new projects,” says Roman.

* Look, publicity people, I know you mean well you can't fool us with lighthearted stories about how Neil Nitin Mukesh wants to
take flying lessons. IF he did want to take flying lessons, you KNOW it would be because, one day, in between dressing in black and sitting alone in a dark room pondering just how deep everything is, man, and listening to (I'm assuming) The Cure, he decides that flying is the only real way to feel anything, man.

Or something. I demand a quote from Neil explaining this flying obsession!

* Apparently, Sonam Kapoor has diabetes which actually explains a lot.

And this little tidbit made me giggle.

An actress who is on Sonam Kapoor's 'friend list' was overheard complaining to her producer, "she keeps sending links of videos of her upcoming film to me. If I really want to see it, I will see it on the TV or the Internet. This is just hardselling. Even Bipasha and Abhishek are on my list but they haven't done any such thing."

Um... maybe they pooled resources and Sonam is just spamming everybody with Players on behalf of all three? Hee! I kind of like the idea of Sonam sitting at her computer forwarding publicity materials to everybody in her address book.

* The nuisance criminal case against Vidya Balan and Ekta Kapoor has been stayed.

* And just for fun... celebrity plastic surgery! Guess whose "assets" made the list...

Trailer for Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya! I'll admit that I am that rarest of creatures... an actual Riteish Deshmukh FAN. Yes, a FAN. I love this guy and every new film I hope is going to be the one where he finally gets his due. Somehow I don't think this will be the film but it looks cute. I'll give it a chance to win me over.

Trailer for one I'm really looking forward to... NAANBAN!

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