Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Gossip!

Today in gossip... more end of the year wrap-ups! And some other stuff! Like Atif Aslam!

* Raja Sen's Best Actors of 2011!

Sometimes one scene is more than enough. Sharma burns up the screen in a sensational moment in Raj Kumar Gupta's No One Killed Jessica, as a cop interrogating a boy apprehended for murder.

He sits there, smoking a cigarette, volcanically asking the boy questions, forever inviting us to guess just how short his fuse is -- and when he'll explode. It's pure dynamite, and Sharma, an always fine actor, deserves much, much applause.

This is a really fantastic list! I had forgotten about this scene until I read this... but I could see it all so vividly.

(Raja Sen's list is a bit different from Karan Johar's... heh.)

* Check out Desi Hit's Top 5 Desi Tracks of 2011!

* Read a piece on Delhi's heritage cinemas.

* The Bollywood rumor mill has Farhan Akhtar abandoning Shahrukh for Salman.

(Maybe Farhan read Curry Bear's hilarious Don 2 review... sample:

Here are some things that Don would never do:
- Don wouldn’t ever tell a man he has beautiful eyes.
- Don would never say “I like love stories”.
- Don wouldn’t keep asking Roma whether her and Arjun have a thing. Even if she did have a thing for Arjun, that wouldn’t stop him because he is motherfucking Don! Goddamn it! This Don feels like he was created by Karan Johar.

Or as Abhishek said recently: “Bollywood has only one ‘Don’. And that's my father Amitabh Bachchan."

* Mallika Sherawat will be singing in her upcoming Lucky Unlucky. Why do all actors want to be singers these days? It's an embarrassing trend...

* Speaking of music, Bollywood Life gives you the state of Bollywood music today.

Southern influence - Till a few years ago, the loud thumkas and over-the-top antics of the South were a source of great amusement for Bollywoodwallas. But come 2011, and we have all this and more in B-town songs. If we’ve decided to remake movies from Tollywood and Kollywood, it is only sensible to walk in their musical footsteps too, right? And so we had a 'Dhinka chika' playing loud and long through much of 2011. But it’s not only the tune and lyrics that are inspired, the choreography too carried a flavor of the South.

* Akshay Kumar can't find the dates to play God.

* Bollywood Life also asks: Are top stars shying away from Sanjay Leela Bhansali?!

Lemme answer that for you without reading the article - yes. OF COURSE they are! His last films have been ripped apart and poor Hrithik and Aish got torn apart for Guzaarish. What sane hero or heroine with a name to protect would go out of their way to do a film with him at this point? I happened to like Guzaarish but... you see where I'm going with this.

It will be hard to get funding with newcomers in a film but I think having to think about funding and budgets and potential audience might be the kick in the pants SLB needs to make a good film.

* This interview with Atif Aslam is delightful.

Like every one else, I also enjoy the attention that I get from my fans. If they respect your talent, it's great, but I don't like it when they go overboard. I remember, there was a time when I was performing in Australia when a female fan took off her top in front of me. That felt very odd. Then once on my birthday, a group of girls came to my house and asked for me. And they were only in their underwear. That's not the kind of attention that I appreciate. But yes, I also have fans doing nice things for me that are respectful and mean a lot. I don't consider myself as an icon. I'm not here to win the world, I'm just here to win myself.

The best part is that the title of post is something like "Atif needs me-time," as if he's being antisocial by being turned off by lady fans who want to eat his brains for dinner.

Rajshri's TOP 5 VILLAINS of 2011!

Apparently, Vidyut is now a "South Superstar" and Prakash Raaj's eyes are "evil." Poor Prakash! I still think you're secretly studly...

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